Memory Lane Booth Closing Sale:

I seem to be unable to load pictures onto my computer this morning.

So close your eyes for a minute and picture fabulous detailed images from my booth at Memory Lane. Stunning visuals, aren't they? Look at those Valentines Day wreaths! And that hanging green glass lamp that I haven't shown you before! Oh! And all those books and cool hanging decor and bar ware and vintage children's toys!

So glad I took the time to snap pictures there yesterday. Tech support will be arriving tonight after work so will have him take a look at the situation and you may get to see these drool-worthy pictures of the booth yet!

All items in the booth at Memory Lane are 40% off until the last day of February. And there are some seriously cool things in there.

In other news, we are all feeling healthy again! There is nothing so nice as feeling good. How is that for some wisdom-spouting? The kids have today off of school for conferences, then Bud goes back tomorrow and Lu on Wednesday. Which means we will be getting back into our normal routine, which feels absolutely lovely.

Enjoy Your Monday!


My personal tech support rocks it even over the phone! Here are the pics:


Sue said...

Seriously cool!! Your Valentine wreaths rock!

Glad you are all finally healthy again - being sick stinks!

Jane said...

Such beautiful items! They'll go fast! Glad you're all well again!

DFWgirliegirl Housewife said...

Love the valentines wreaths. I know if I lived close to you, I would have been a customer...and would have bought those tupperware salt and pepper shakers as soon as you put them out. I have been looking for some of those.

Good luck with your sale.


Into Vintage said...

Glad everyone is healthy again! I wish I could come by and get that green glass lantern hanging there not to mention a couple other things... :-) I bet you'll sell everything very quickly with that great sale discount. Hope you have a wonderful week!

Ninny said...

Oh, let's see....I want that, and that, and I'll that thing over there. Lots to drool over in your booth, Sonya! Glad to hear everyone is well at your house, finally! I'm just sitting at the computer killing time while waiting for the results of The Hub's latest blood tests. Hoping those hemoglobin numbers are UP.