Art, Basketball and A Shelf...

Now that the weather is nicer, Bud has been rooting around our yard looking for pieces to make into art, which he loves to make every day. I think the way he placed all these pieces on the paper is stunning. He is my baby and most everything he does impresses me!

Lu just finished her basketball season...they went from having some rough games where we all just wanted the scores to be close to winning the last 2 tournaments. These girls have truly become a team...they are dedicated, caring, funny, kind and talented. We can hardly wait for them to play next fall. Who knew I was going to go from being such a stage Mom to a loud, screaming basketball fan?

I was asked the other day if I am missing my booth.
Yes! Starting last Friday, I am renting a shelf at Memory Lane. Not a full blown booth, mind you, just a shelf in a glass case. To put smalls in.

But here is my question: How do you decorate a shelf? I am pretty good at decorating a booth with fabric and lots of tiny white lights...but a shelf? I'll try to remember to snap a picture so you can see the size of it and what I am putting in there. We shall see. Advice is welcomed.

Well, that is all from me on this fine Wednesday morning! Enjoy your day,



Sue said...

That's so cool about Bud and his daily art! And congrats on Lu and her basketball success. Can't wait to see your shelf!

AuntLou said...

Decorating a tiny space is all about suggestion, rather than substance. A piece of paper, a string of twinkle lights, a pillar candle holder, some sea glass or doilies can make a big statement in a small space. How big is this shelf? What to you want your work to express? This is very exciting, to me. I love details. It's the big picture I find difficult. :)

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Thank you Sue!

Aunt lou, It is a small shelf...I will try to get pics of it along with the size so you know what I am working with:)