Can Someone Please Pinch Me...Hard?

Top O' The Mornin' To You!

I need to get stuff listed in Etsy. Truly. I have been distracted lately by decluttering and my Birthday. Now I NEED to get down to work. Easy enough for me to say when I am planning my day and all jacked up on coffee...not so easy once the day gets started and I get distracted (easily). A lot of this will depend on if the sun comes out. Can't take pictures in the dark! See, already making excuses.

Found this while thrifting at Goodwill:

Christmas thrifting must always be done when you find it. No matter what time of year. That is my motto.

Well, as I have been typing, the sky is getting darker and darker which means I am most likely not listing on Etsy this morning.

Sometimes I swear I roadblock myself.


Life Goes On said...

Those are so adorable. I have not started to sell on etsy yet. Sell on amazon and ebay. Will have to check it out in my spare time. Have a great day.

Ninny said...

You're right, Sonya....for the best pictures in your Etsy shop, you need good light! I had to wait two whole days this week before I could get pictures done for my shop. Now I need to get out and go junkin, but (big, deep sigh) the livingroom needs to be vaccumed, the bathrooms cleaned, the kitchen floor mopped. So here I sit on the computer. Yes, easily distracted.


Sue said...

I hope your day is going better and maybe you got some pictures? I understand about best laid plans... My cat Tiger has this radar that says - watch out - she's going to go "do something" and then he jumps up on my lap. Who would want to discourage a lap-sitting cat? LOL!

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

Santa shakers = Cyoot!

It is amazing how we can put off and find excuses not to list. Getting started is the hardest part. Getting momentum going is the second hardest. Not stopping is the third. Or maybe they're all equal.

PakoVintage said...

Those are some cute santa's. I completely agree about shopping for christmas all year around, because you get stuff way cheaper in july, rather then december. I recently bought this big as, snowman that I absolutely adore. And it was really cheap, it's going to be a real eyecatcher in december. I love your blog by the way, I can't believe the amazing things you've found so far. I confess I'm a little bit jeaulous :)
I'm clicking the 'follow' button now.