Letting It Go

Sometimes we, as resellers or collectors, buy things that are wrong. We sorta like them. But not a whole bunch. We store the item. We put it in a rubbermaid or on a shelf. Not having much interest in listing it or pricing it or loving it and so it just sits. Mocking us a bit every time we walk past it or come across it while going through things.

It's OK. These things happen. You might have been having a weird day while out thrifting and all of a sudden desired shabby, chippy when you are more of a sleek, streamlined sort of collector.

One of my favorite relaxing things I love to do at some point over each weekend is to head down to the basement and take a look around. I usually bring a cup of coffee and sift through things. Moving inventory around...thinking about things I want to make at some point...sometimes daydreaming...and these days decluttering to make more space in my personal area.

After looking at some of these purchases I have made, seemingly bought on a whim, that sit and sit and sit on the shelf, I make a decision. Instead of berating my thrift karma, or thinking that I might fall in love with it someday, I have been bagging it up to donate.

You see, I want to only sell things that I love. Be surrounded by things I love. I want to feel a pang when I am packaging up an item that sold on Etsy and wonder why I didn't keep it because I love it. I want to send that love on to the person who is on the receiving end, that THEY will love it and it will fill a place in their lives until it gets passed on again.

Hubby was downstairs with me while I was taking a good hard look at everything and was moved to take a good hard look at some of the stuff we have been storing. Cheering the other one on, we filled a few boxes and bags, loaded up the SUV and I took a fair amount of things to Goodwill this morning.

LOVE that feeling!

In all the years I have been decluttering, there are two books that I keep coming back to that help that urge to remove things that just aren't working in our lives:

Clear Your Clutter

And a newer book of inspiration, The Joy Of Less

It feels like this acquiring/decluttering thing is something that I will forever be working on, but each time I do it, I feel like I am getting closer to how I want to live.


Marilyn said...

Doesn't it feel good to go ahead and get rid of some things? I agree. I give alot of stuff to the GW. But I have some things that I want to get rid of but just not drop off at the GW. So I'm thinking about a Garage sale where I can see the person who is taking home my stuff. I want to see somebody pick up a tea cup and say" oh this is pretty...I'll want to take it home". Thanks for your blog...love it.

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

Good for you! I'm slowly doing sort of the same thing. But I just had one of those weekends where I'm looking at everything I bought and wondering why? Ugh.

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Marilyn, let me know how it all comes together for you! A sale moves things far quicker than doing a booth...and you can donate the leftovers when it is all said and done!

Wanda, Just start moving it all out...if you get it out of there, the 'right' stuff will find its way to you. How new-age is THAT thought?! Haha:) But if you DO move it all out, letting it go, it will feel far better than that 'ugh' feeling we all know too well.

Ninny said...

I'm doing some letting go, too, and most of it will end up on Etsy, except for the lucious Metlox Poppytrail Sculptured Grape dishes I can't part with even though I don't use them anymore.

Tootie is a Yorkie. Her hair isn't real long because she got a buzz cut last summer and it is still growing out. The tuff on her head is more like a lion's mane right now and when she has bed head, oh my! She's a chunky 7 pounds. When I first got her, she weighed less than a pound and fit in the pocket of my robe!


Heidi said...

Part of what helps me to part with things is thinking about what a *thrill* I had finding the thing in the first place--and knowing that by donating it, I'm giving someone else the chance to experience the *thrill* of discovery too!