More Smalls

They are addicting, aren't they?

I have a whole drawer in the basement office/studio that is filled with such things. There is a little sign on the drawer (I love a good label) that says "Stuff I Love But Have No Clue As To What To Do With".

I should change that sign to "Things To Play With".

Here are the rest of the items found Tuesday evening:

A Dr Pepper bottle opener. I also snagged the Coke.

I love these old ashtrays! Now, of course, they are turned into something else. The Flea Market Style magazine showed using them as drink coasters...how cool is that? I like using them to hold change, jewelry and cell phones. Or more smalls!

When I showed this to Hubby, he laughed when I said I always wanted one of these! He asked if it was because of the high winds we have going through the house that I need to have papers spindled. I still want it and I still think it's cool!

Adorable little shot glasses! The graphics are so good.

Admit it. You want to come over and play, don't you! Bring your stuff.


DFWgirliegirl Housewife said...

I pick up these old hotel ash trays when I see them for cheap (a buck...maybe 2...no more, yeah right!!!!). I love the vintage ads on them. My favorite is from the Candy Cane Motel. Just sounds naughty. They get a good laugh at parties. They are great for bringing out to the patio for smokers or when the hubbie is having a cigar.


Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Ok...Candy Cane Motel?! LOVE IT! It does sound naughty!

Sue said...

I'd bring my Christmas "treasure" box picked up on ebay - still haven't decided what to do with it, but it's so much fun to play with!

Speaking of Dr. Pepper, that's the name of my new doctor - no kidding! Everyone laughs when I tell them that. I refrained from making a joke when I met her because I figured she's heard that all too often.

Ninny said...

When I was a wee one, my dad kept all his smalls in the top drawer of his chest-of-drawers. I would pull out the bottom drawer, stand on it, and then hunt and pick through all the pieces of smalls in the top drawer. Kept me entertained until one fateful day when the chest would no longer hold my weight and it tipped over on me. When he died a year and a half ago, guess what I got to do? Yep, go through that drawer of smalls and pick and choose what I wanted to keep!

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

I'll come play! And I can bring my receipt stick thing, my advertising bottle opener, my measuring tape, my hometown business ashtray and my key thingy so they can play with yours!
Isn't it funny how so many of us are attracted to the same things? I like how you have the drawer labeled. :-)

Peace said...

UGH! The hub and I both quit smoking years ago and it never occurred to me I could use all the awesome ashtrays I've seen and passed by whilst thrifting lately, for other uses!!! Gah! OK, now I know.

Passionate Thrifter said...

Just put up a "Smalls" blog of my own... Linked you in it (even though I only have 3 followers and it won't help you much :( ) You inspired the post!!! Thank you for sharing!

Greenmare said...

I totally want to come over and play~! and I love the paper spindle thingie, how satisfying would that be to smack papers onto that at work instead of scanning them or filing them???

Scraplady51 said...

Is that an old skate key in the ashtray? Now that brings back memories to me. I swear in the summer I had my sidewalk skates on from dawn to dusk, unless I had to go in the house, and I even tried to get away with that if I could! lol I also have a collection of old ashtrays. My dad used to deliver Burger Beer and he was always getting free ashtrays from places he delivered to.