There is something I loooooove about tiny little things. Holding them in my hand, turning them over and over, admiring them, playing with them. I am like a little boy who wants to keep all his treasures right there in his pocket.

When we were at the Spring craft show, there was a lovely woman hand stamping jewelery with whatever words or sayings you would like. Then she would add little trinkets to the necklace, little findings she had collected here and there. I wanted to sit down on the floor and dig through her tackle box of treasures. I didn't want them on a necklace, I wanted to play with them. I think you know exactly what I mean. My Girlfriend and I were talking about collecting teeny tiny treasures just like it...to pull out and just enjoy.

Tiny Pencil

Skate Key

Tiny Measuring Tape

I found these at that-place-I-can't-tell-you-where-it's-at last night and while they are not teensy, they are still small and exactly the kind of treasures I am drawn to.


dogsmom said...

Oh I do know what you mean. I would rather sit a tiny something on the desk to look at and admire, or carry a few tiny pieces around with me to appreciate while standing in a line somewhere.
While I am sure her necklaces were delightful, I would rather have great pieces such as your finds in their original condition.

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

Me, too! I keep buying the tiny things at the sales. I'm drawn. Don't know what it is about them, but I'm a sucker for little things.

Niece said...

I LOVE LITTLE TREASURES!!!! I have several stashed here and there, like you I just like holding them and looking at them.......maybe I need to do something creative with them......you have me thinking now! Hhhhmmmmmm?

Melinda9 said...

I like little things too. I have a few of those thimble displays that you can hang on the wall, and I put small things in there like tiny shells and blown glass animals. I've found some interesting little things when digging in the yard - an Indian Head penny, old marbles, an old button. And always on the lookout at yard sales.

Sue said...

Stuff dug out of the yard: the mama and baby owl I sent to Sonya!!

I can so relate to digging through a box of treasures and playing with them. Bought such a Christmas box on ebay and have so much fun with it.

Your new treasures are great!

Passionate Thrifter said...

DROOLING over your trinkets.... I am exactly the same way. :D

Ninny said...

I have a small cedar box, you know, the kind that's a souvenir and it's labeled with the town you bought it in. Anyhoo, it's filled with tiny treasures: a buckeye, old Monopoly pieces, a couple of old campaign buttons, faded tassels, a $2 bill, the stuff little boys would keep in their pockets. Except I'm not a boy, so of course mine is kept in a treasure box!

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

We are all thrifting soul mates!