Baskets Full Of Easter Joy

I am going to admit something. And you are not going to judge.


I didn't get my Easter decorations out this year. I thought about it a few times, I did. But did nothing about it. And then realized there are kids here who are expecting an Easter Egg hunt. And sort of expecting that the house will be decorated somewhat. They sure have a lot of expectations around here!

I did bring up the Easter wreath I made last year and that may be the majority of the decorating for now. That I shall hang a wreath for each holiday in our entry way.

And now, I need to go buy more jellybeans to fill eggs since the jellybeans purchased earlier in anticipation of Easter Baskets seem to have mysteriously disappeared the past week or so.

There might be a chocolate bunny missing, too.



Samantha said...

I didn't decorate this year..so much garden stuff to get done!
Happy Easter!

Niece said...

I love your Easter wreath! I did put out a few decorations, but just wasn't feeling it this year....I think it's the weather!

Jill said...

Same here - just a few decorations out - maybe I should think about downsizing the Rubbermaids!!

JunqueMagnet said...

No judgement here.I blogged about the same issue earlier this week.Got my wreath out to start the process and have ever so slowly been adding to it ever since.Of course it all has to come back down next week...

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

since i'm packing to move, no decorating here either.

your wreath is just too cute for words.

~~Carol~~ said...

Feel free to laugh your head off at me as it will take me at least an hour to put away the inside decorations, and probably a half hour outside. Go ahead, laugh! Your wreath is more than enough decoration, because it's super adorable!

Sue said...

This year I decided to wait till Easter to decorate and appreciate the solemnity of Lent instead. And now I'm seriously in the midst of some organizing and don't know that I'll even get around to it! But it's just me and the cats, so no expectations. (And some of the Easter stuff is going in the ebay pile!)

Have an happy Easter with your family!