Feelings, Nothing more than feelings...

Cozy: It is rainy and dark and I am glad to be warm inside and still in my pj's and the whole house smells like yummy pancakes we made for breakfast.

Frustrated: Some things that were supposed to happen by now have not and I am not good at being patient.

Worried: My cough is back.

Surprised: Who knew that relay races would still happen even in rain and snow? Run, Lu, Run!

Grateful: Always grateful

Creative: I've been breaking out the old picture books, vintage frames and glitter the last few mornings and am feeling rawther proud of myself.

What are you feeling today?


Sue said...

Hmmmm... frustrated. Went to see a specialist for my allergies/asthma yesterday. Only thing that tested positive was dust mites and I don't have allergic reactions at home. All the chemical stuff I react to at work? Nada! And I may not even have asthma. So why do I react so strongly to so many things?

Did I say frustrated?!

Thankful. That even though I don't make much money, I have riches beyond compare in the things that count.

Thankful. That I don't have seasonal/hayfever allergies and can take a deep breath outside and appreciate the smell of fresh-cut grass.

Happy. To look forward to a 3-day weekend - taking a vacation day Monday.

Happy. To read your blog each time!

~~Carol~~ said...

You are definitely a jumble of emotions today! I am:

Frustrated-I have to search for a new phone for my Mom. One that a practically deaf woman that refuses to wear a hearing aid can hear.

Fearful-My Mom's Life Alert has gone off twice, for no apparent reason. Will it work when she really needs it?

Happy-The neighbors are putting up a 6' fence, and although I like them, I LOVE privacy!

I guess I'm a jumbly mix of emotions today too! I sincerely hope we both have a great weekend!

Sue said...

Carol, my Mom's life alert did false alarms a few times, but it was usually because somehow in rolling over in the middle of the night, she set it off accidentally. And one time her cat walked across her in bed and hit the button! So it does happen more than people think.