Flocked Salt and Pepper Figures?

This set might be one of my more unusual thrifted items.

I haven't come across these before! A donkey, a mule and a bull--flocked--salt and pepper holders. And from the looks of them, they were used and used often!

This on is my favorite, just for the expression on his face.

They will be landing as a group on the shelf at Memory Lane or on Etsy.


Niece said...

In all my treasure hunting I have never seen those either! How cute, cute, cute......love them!

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

Flocked kitchen items just seem so wrong ... and yet oddly compelling. Never, ever have I seen anything quite like them!

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

those are so cute. lol!

Sue said...

Flocked doesn't seem very practical, but they sure are interesting. Looks like something more for a collector than a cook!

NorthernTrading said...

Hi, I'm a treasure seeker too! Your lastest finds are very unusual ~ cute too! I'm new to the blogging scene just getting my feet wet, hope to be up to my ankles by next week. The only problem with finding a great blog like yours is it take me for ever to get to the end of it ..... but I "need" to see! I'm following you now so keep up the good work! Corinne