Road Trip Rummage Sale

Long story short, we are having a rummage sale from 5 to 7 pm tonight. In Yankton, South Dakota. At my wonderful MIL's home. Rummages in Yankton are awesome to hold...it is a thriving re-sale community. Today I am finishing sorting everything that was left from Children's Closet, going through the kids clothing one more time and organizing it so that we can roar into town, back the SUV into Grandmas driveway and unload it all right before the sale is scheduled to start.

Cause I am wild like that.


Sue said...

Sounds great! Hope the sale goes well and that you have a safe trip!

Anonymous said...

Run over to Vermillion and check out the Past and Present Thrift Store - a lady from Colorado brings up merchandise - great stuff, reasonably priced.

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

It went well, we are back, safe and sound:)

We will zip over there at some point and check it out. thanks for the heads up!