Book Sales and Nooks...

Lu, A Girlfriend and I went to the annual Sioux City library book sale Friday night, elbow to elbow with all of the other book readers looking for a deal. Found some wonderful copies. So wonderful that yesterday I took Bud back with me to visit the sale once more. (I typically will visit the book sale several times over the course of the week of the sale)

One of my favorite finds Friday night was this Time Life Christmas book:

The pages are filled to the brim with wonderful Christmas memories:

And last, but certainly not least...Look what arrived for Mothers Day! Wheeeeeeeeee!
I am loving, LOVING the Nook Color. So are the kids. We have been negotiating for Nook time all day.


Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

looks like a great haul from the book sale! and the nook colour, how cool is that? I'm seriously considering trying to get my textbook all electronically for my last year of college - it'll probably save me enough that I can justify buying a nook!

Melinda9 said...

Glad to hear you got your Nook. This is my favorite time of the year - both for the weather and for all the sales - book, church and yard. Went to a strange one on Sat. - they hold it in the dim church basement and the ceiling is so low, I always bang my head at least once (I'm 5'7). I was looking for old picture frames - didn't find any, but got a nice amber vase for $2 which I'll probably give to my friend who collects amber glass.