Soup Supper

I was fuh-reee-zing last night. Being the head chef in this establishment, the rest of the family pretty much has to go with what I deem favorable for supper. I went to my well-thumbed copy of our local Mops cookbook looking for some soup inspiration.

I wanted something creamy, hot and super delicious. So fixed a big ol pot of Wild Rice Soup! Totally said in Paula Deen's southern accent.

I've found the perfect little dinner rolls to serve alongside any type of soup...

They are Hyvee frozen dinner rolls, but you let them rise for about 6 hours, bake em and the compliements will cover you.

I know it is really unseasonal to ask this but, What is your favorite soup? We love homemade veggie beef using stew meat, chicken noodle and chicken enchilada. Does chili count? Chili, too! For a cold summertime soup, I love gazpacho.


Sue said...

Personally, I'm not much of a cook, though I managed to raise 2 kids and they always got fed!! But my Mom made some wonderful soups. In her later years, she would sometimes spend the good part of a day making a BIG pot of soup. She would have a lovely meal, then the rest would be frozen in single serving containers, so when she was "freezing", as you said, she'd pull out a container, heat it on the stove (yes, she had a microwave), and voila! Yummy homemade soup! I did inherit her recipes, not that I make much use of them. My favorite was her beef/vegetable soup.

Melinda9 said...

I'm a vegetarian, so that limits my choices somewhat. At the moment I think maybe carrot-ginger is my favorite.