Lake Turtles

I took the kids up to the cabin for a few days last week...it was a relaxing beginning to their summer vacation. You know, before we needed to head back home to help with community sandbagging.

You can imagine how excited they were to catch their first turtle! *When I was little, it seemed like turtle catching was a every-other-day event. Especially the tiny baby turtles. So when the kids told me they were going to catch one under the dock, I assumed it was a little one.

It wasn't.

*We are big fans of the catch and release turtle program so no turtles were harmed in this process. He (she) was only in the bucket for a couple minutes to be observed and loved up before she (he) was happily set onto the beach and swam away. Minnie-the-lake-dog was beyond disgusted with us that we let that turtle go. She had plans for turtle soup. You can see the release footage by clicking HERE.


Mary said...

What fun! Growing up we always found the minature red slider turtles around our home. And when visiting our grandparents in W.Va. there was an area we roamed up in a hollar in the mountains freely that was nicknamed "Turtle Creek". It always had turtles & snakes.

Melinda9 said...

Wish I could be there to help with the sandbags. First the terrible winter and now this crazy spring...