Vintage Back To School Thrift

First of all, thrilled to PIECES I had some time to thrift yesterday. Second of all...I have been wanting a paint box like this since I was, oh, 7 years old!
Third of all, it has been virtually unused.

So I had to give myself a star for the find. Actually 4 boxes of various stars.

Enjoy your day!


Sue said...

I'd forgotten about paint boxes! I loved those when I was young. Nice find!

AuntLou said...

Oh, cool! Love the paintbox and what memories the stars bring to mind. I didn't get many! :)

~~Carol~~ said...

SO jealous! I've always wanted one of those paintboxes too. And that is one very hip dude on the cover!

dogsmom said...

That looks like it was done by the illustrator for MAD magazine! And to be so complete - that kid must not have been allowed to get messy and have fun.