Bud: Guest Blogger

Today, I have a special Guest Blogger: Bud! I handed him my camera last evening while he was playing in the yard and this is what he showed me through his camera lens.

Hi Bud! Thanks for taking the time out of our busy schedule to show me around the yard!

Hi Mom!
These tomatoes I picked fresh from our garden.

This pepper has been growing a long time from a seed and is almost ready to pick.

This stepping stone, I made at my nature camp. We step on in when we are doing our picking.

These are tomato buds from our tomatoes. I had to scrouch down to take these ones.

When I was up by my tree house I saw these plants and thought I might stop and take a picture of them.

This is a picture of our rock garden. It was hard to take this one because the sprinkler was going and I didn't want the camera to get wet.

This was on our patio. These are my Dads red flowers we planted last month. There are 2 of these, but this one looked better than the other.

There wasn't much more in the backyard so I went out front and these bushes and the flowers from the flower box were there.

This was my shadow. My Mom thought it was cute. And I like it, too.

This was in the backyard again. I thought it was nice so I scrouched down by it, focused and took a picture once again.

Great job Bud! I like seeing things through your eyes. And you are a good scrouch-er. Would you like to guest blog for me again sometime?

Sure, Sonya! I would surely do this again!

You can call me Mom.


Enjoy your day! Sonya


Lys said...

Hey bud!! LOVEEEE the pics!! You did a great job! Love u!

Sue said...

Great job, Bud! And I love the word "scrouch" - very descriptive. I'll have to start using that myself!

AuntLou said...

Tooo much fun! Good job, Bud. :)

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Thanks you guys...He was SO EXCITED to do this post and was BEYOND excited that people enjoyed it:)