Happy Holiday WNAX Radio 570

A few weeks ago I was clearing out some boxes in the studio and came across a large one marked RADIO.

This is the Box O' Memories I have been toting around for the last...hmmmm...11 years. Since I retired from radio to raise my little ones. One who is nearly 14. Which is a whole other post of freak out, so let's move past that little nugget of panic for me and zip right back to the box of Radio Stuff.

We all have those boxes of our history. Things we want to hold onto and get out every once in a while and sift through and then close back up for a few years until you get the urge again.

The Radio Box was filled with over 10 years of my memories of WNAX as well as over 40 years of my Dad's. He did everything from write copy, to announcing, to holding the title of GM for a time. But what he enjoyed the most and did the longest over his career in radio was selling advertising. So there is a whole lotta advertising materials in this box.

Every time I was done looking through all these papers of memories, there was a pesky little humming in the back of my mind that I should find a way to keep some of it out, to display and enjoy.

Which is exactly what I ended up doing! I typically have Christmas on the brain year round. As soon as we wrap up the holiday season, I am thinking ahead to the next December and what to give, display, make. So when I saw this old advertising gloss of the Happy Holiday WNAX Radio Show, I knew it would be framed and hanging on my wall in a few months.

The frame was found for 25 cents at a thrift store and is a great avocado green color from the 60s...plastic-y and perfect for this ad.

Old friends we knew, spent time with and loved are smiling down.

I am so glad to have found a way for just one of those sheets to come out and be a part of our decorating this Christmas.

(And WNAX--If you would like to recreate this show, I can make myself available the month of December...)

Enjoy your day! Sonya


Sue said...

Yeah, I have boxes like that! One of my favorite is the box of church stuff my Mom saved - history of that church is history of my family. Church founded in 1899, my family arrived in 1908 - I'm the 4th generation. I love looking through the old stuff - someone at church came up with a video tape made from film, of the construction of our current building, which we moved into in late 1953. It includes the Sunday we walked from the old building to the new (Mom said, we had babies, we drove! I was 21 mos., my brother 7 mos.) If you know where to look and you don't blink, you can see Mom holding John and Dad holding me, in a long line of folks waiting to walk inside the new church.

What a nice way to enjoy an item for a longer time!

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

I can't wait to find more things to bring out of the box!