Thrifting Groove

Well, I am definitely getting back into a thrifting groove this week. After running a few necessary errands each morning, I had time to stop at several old haunts to see what's new since I last darkened their doorsteps. And there were several great things that came right on home with me!

That being said...By 1:00 each day, I was tapped out. So yes, I am feeling much, much better. And yes, I realize I can't just jump back into everything with both feet. Cause the body says HALT when it is ready for me to be done.

Thankfully, I had not halted before finding this piece at Memory Lane. Never really thought of myself as an Angel Collector, but this piece is excellent. I am LOVING the crumpled tin foil in the frame and the fab vintage plastic frame itself. The picture just glows! Haven't decided yet if it will be a part of our Christmas decor or if it will head on to Etsy.

We shall see.

Enjoy your day! Sonya


Melinda9 said...

I have a lot of angels, pictures and figures - I'm not religious and don't believe in them, but there's something about a wing├Ęd being that appeals to me. Usually only get them from thrift shops and yard sales.
That picture is nice - love the silhouette.

Sue said...

For some reason, when I saw that, it brought to mind the shaved crayon pictures we made when we were kids - crayon shavings on waxed paper, then ironed. Can't remember all the detail, but it was fun.

Glad you're able to get out and about!

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