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It froze last night. All the tomatoes left in the garden had to come out whether they were ready to be picked or not.  Runrunrunrunrunrunrun!! She did great, coming in at just over 14 minutes.
 I seriously love this box. It is in the Etsy shop along with some other fun items that were added this week.
I finally found this mix after looking for it for years! It was in a magazine article that I had clipped and saved (of course). It is SO GOOD. I love the taste of lemon in my water and this is absolutely delicious. The orange is pretty yummy, too!
Enjoy your weekend, Sonya


aimee said...

Hooray for your daughter! Isn't cross-country a great sport? I'd commented on your earlier post in which you'd discussed cheering on the runners at meets. Here's my take on meets:


Always fun reading your blog! Sorry about your tomatoes; we had a freeze scare here in West Michigan but were spared for now.

I've used True Lemon for ice tea recipes.

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Hi Aimee! It was fun to read your take on the xc meets:) Our last one is this Wednesday and I am sorry to see them end, it has been a blast!