Another Day, Another Clock

Sometimes, these thrift finds come in waves. I found a bunch of baby scales about the same time last Spring and now I seem to be coming across clock after clock.

This one does not work, either. So it shall be glittered up as part of a holiday display.

But the question I am asking myself...Should it be glittered for Halloween like the other one? Or should I start thinking ahead to Christmas?

Enjoy your day! Sonya


AuntLou said...

LOL! Glitter?! I would pop out the dial and put in something like a Autumnal or a coaching scene. Just shows how versatile these little treasures are. Have fun glittering! :)

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Aunt Lou...TOTAL GLITTER, BABY! Scroll down and see what was done with the other clock. It really does make it pop:)

Kathe said...

Oooorrr...you could go silver glitter and have it out year round? I do like the Christmas theme idea too but, no doubt you will find another clock next week and thus be able to theme glitter that baby up!

Loretta said...

My 2 cents..."to each their own"
LOL. Luv

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Kathe, so far Hubby is grooving the orange...but I know HE knows that it goes away after Halloween...I don't know if I would get approval for year round, bahaha;)

AuntLou said...

No need to scroll. I'm a follower! :)