Church Sale Christmas

Last year I went to a church sale and was bummed to see some stuff walking out the door that I would have loved to see come home with ME. This year, I was unable to hit the sale when it opened yesterday. How hard can it be to talk kids into going thrifting after school? Pretty hard. So I put on my Mom face and decided to just drop by the sale this morning after getting everyone where they needed to be. I assumed everything pretty cool would already be gone.

I was wrong:

These are totally inspiring me to make more Christmas wreaths!

The other happy today is my neighbor lady down the street is having her twice-a-year fabulous yard sale. That starts at 4. Which means the kids are just going to have to put on their game faces and go with me, bahaha!
Enjoy your day,


AuntLou said...

Ooo! and also Aahh! :)

Loretta said...

Great finds! They didn't get it all, huh? Thanks for sharing. Stop by to visit us, we would love having you as our follower! Luv!

~~Carol~~ said...

Don't ever, EVER look at what other people have as you're walking in. Only look straight ahead! I'm amazed that this stuff was still there too. I had a great experience at a thrift store today. I admired something in someone else's cart, and she told me I could have it. I've done this for someone before, so finally some good thrifting karma came my way!

Melinda9 said...

I agree, Carol - looking at what other people have only leads to agony and sorrow.
Last week I was in Goodwill and a woman showed me a painting she'd snagged and was asking me to date it and other questions. It was a still life with my favorite color, green blue, and I felt like screaming. Sometimes you're minding your own business and people rub things in your face.

Sarah AKA The Thriftress said...

Dying over the awesomeness. I love, love church sales for vintage Christmas. I have picture of myself at 2 years old in my grandparents basement standing next to a plastic Santa like that. I need to get my hands on one!

Sue said...


The thrift shop near my house is closing soon - I recently checked out their Christmas stuff but I think someone else got there first...

Biz said...

Oh my goodness, I haven't thought of Woolworth's in ages!

I found your blog because I googled "reuben patty melt" and your picture popped up - I am making it for dinner tonight, I'll let you know how it turns out!