Tuesday, September 6th

I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend, relaxing and fun and time spent with those you love.

We brought out our giant box of accumulated thrifted Rescue Heroes. It seriously is a huge Rubbermaid. Bud went through a Rescue Hero phase starting at the age of 2. People were getting rid of their Rescue Heroes by the bagful. And we definitely took advantage of that! His collection of 'guys' grew and grew.

Now, we only bring them out a few times a year for a big reunion with earthquakes, hurricanes and moon missions to make things exciting for the heroes.

We needed the guys in the front room most of the day on Saturday, because in the back room, we were busy painting the walls...we went from a deep red to a chocolate brown.


How did you spent your Labor Day Weekend?

Enjoy your day! Sonya


deborah said...

beautiful color I agree!
xo deborah

Sue said...

I remember those kinds of toy collections when my boys were young. I knew all the characters' names! LOL!

Congratulations on getting that painting done - I know how good that feels, both to have it done and to get a color you love.

What I did on Labor Day: finished making the last batch of quilt blocks for my niece's wedding quilt. (She's getting married June 9.) Today I'm taking them to church to lay them out and figure out how I want them to go together. I don't have the floor space to do this (plus 2 furry "helpers"!). I do this in the large narthex behind the sanctuary - a nice, peaceful, inspirational space.

AuntLou said...

Lovely color.
I took my friend/SinL to the beach for a belated birthday outing. We ate together at her house, in the evening.

Church and chili on Sunday.

Monday was move in day for another friend who is live-in care for her father. Managed to help and stay out of the way at mostly the right moments. Downpour changed our pace at the last.

Weekend was interesting, anyway.