What I Do:

Every Wednesday this month we head out to a field by a school...

We watch our kids line up...and then (to Bud's extreme excitement) we wait to hear an actual gun shot to get our girls running...

And then we scream like nuts along the side.

Oh wait. Just me?

I am a screamer at these things. Shouting "GOGOGOGOGOGO!" much to my own embarrassment when the meet is done.

I shout on everyone's child who runs for West. I shout on our friends on other school teams. I have yelled at kids I don't even know as they are going past..."GOGOGOGOGO!!"

I am one of those parents.

There aren't even pics of the end when the girls are full on sprinting because I am jumping up and down at that point and it is hard to take pictures when you are jumping up and down. And yelling.


And on that note, I am off to the dungeon to take a good hard look at all those Rubbermaid's with the post it notes on the side that read "ETSY--List In September".

Enjoy your day! Sonya


Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

I can relate! I'm one of those moms too! :)

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Thank Goodness I am not alone. Thank you for admitting it, too:)

aimee said...

Hey, that's what the meets are for - for us parents to yell our fool heads off! I do the same - yell for my daughter and her teammates and cheer on kids I don't even know.

I told my daughter I was thinking of getting a cowbell to ring - I've heard them occasionally at these events. I don't think she wants me to get one, though!