The Craft Attention Span Of A Gnat

This week was supposed to be Wreath Week on my dining room table. Instead, it turned into "OH! Let's make pendants instead!!"

I had to stop by Hobby Lobby to pick up a couple things and wandered down the jewelry aisle. For 2 hours. I am not even kidding you.

Remember my whole soldering experience? I am thinking I didn't give it enough time and energy. I should've stuck with it! Tried harder!

Actually, it was an enjoyable afternoon figuring this stuff out. I always do things the way I THINK they should be done and then after doing it, google what I should PROBABLY have done in the first place. So I know now that I do need a steel block to pound on. Not the basement coffee table. And oxidising is important. As well as steel wool. And I need a whole lot more vintage ephemera.

The pendant I made represents Lu's school (Go West!) and I think I want to foof it up a bit with school colors using a green glass bead.

I am guessing that Wreath Week has been delayed by a day or two.

Enjoy your day! Sonya


AuntLou said...

Another gnat attention span, here! Just now, I'm tearing into projects instead of continuing my journey to a serene organised home! Hmmm... :I

Sue said...

I can SO relate!

Vonlipi said...

Nice pendant!

I would go with fruit fly instead of gnat.