Etsy and Memory Lane

I have actually been productive this week! Staying focused! GETTING THINGS DONE AROUND HERE!

The Etsy shop is getting filled, which is exciting to get into my groove with listing.

Plus, Ruth and I are going all out at Memory Lane and its been fun to drop things off every day and fluff up the booth:

One of the best parts about sharing this booth is the variety we both bring to display.

And now, back into the studio to see what will be created over the weekend!

Enjoy your day, Sonya

1 comment:

Sue said...

Just lovely - wish I could browse your booth!

Interesting to see that old radio. The husband of a friend of mine picks up old radios looking very similar to that, refurbishes them, and sells them on ebay. I saw one recently - it was beautiful - and it worked!

Have fun "fluffing"!