Happy Halloween!

---Hubby and I had to divide and conquer the other day with the kids...Lu and Hubby both needed to get some clothing while Bud and I headed out to the Railroad Museum:

Where they had trains, pumpkin painting AND a petting zoo:

It was a blast! And how seriously adorable is that tiny one?? I want one to go with the chickens that I don't have. Ahem.

---I put jewelry at Memory Lane...and it is FLYING off the shelves! It is always such a good feeling when someone else likes what you make by hand.

---I've waited to buy chocolate for Halloween trick or treating tonight. How bad is it that I will give the chocolate out at the very last? Smarties, tootsie pops and laffy taffy...who cares? But I WANT MY CHOCOLATE. This is why I needed to wait until today. I have a wee bit of a problem, yes?

---Good friends are coming over tonight for our annual Trick or Treating get-together with the traditional Chicken Enchilada Soup and cheap red wine. The guys take the kids out, the girls stay and hand out candy. It is a win/win.

---Speaking of the soup, I need to find some great bowls today so am off to do a bit of thrifting!

What do you like to hand out for Halloween treats?

Enjoy your day, Sonya


Linda said...

the tiny goat is soooooo cute! Why didn't you pass along the hint about not buying chocolate until the last minute???? ....maybe then I'd have some left. LOL I like your idea about the guys taking the kids and the gals staying at home...the menu sounds delicous too!

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Hi Linda! There were 3 itty bitty ones there, they were so adorable!
I knew if I bought it before today, I would be buying it twice;)

Sue said...

Great idea about the chocolate. I used to buy candy I didn't like!

Great idea about the party!