Christmas Mushy

These are the kind of finds that make me squeal. Sometimes I can keep it inside. Other times I am sure there are nearby shoppers that are startled to hear the Squeeeeeaaaal!

I find this stuff quite often. But in the box?

 That was so adorably marked down to 10 cents?
This morning I am headed out to see what some of my fav thrift stores have displayed now that Halloween has come and gone. A lot of them wait until November to start putting out Christmas decor, except for a few select who have Christmas decor out year round.

Enjoy your day! Sonya


Sue said...

That's inspiring me to go out and have a look around myself this weekend! The thrift store close to me is closing! :( Costs too much to operate and takes away from their helping those in need.

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

That is such a bummer Sue! Do you have any others around you?

Sue said...

There are some Goodwill stores in town, plus Union Gospel Mission and the Humane Society. It's just that particular one is only a half mile from my house (and next to Petco - I stopped to get kitty litter and saw Christmas stuff in the window at St. Vincent! Had to go - all Christmas 99 cents. Children's books, 25 cents - got 3 for baby Henry. I liked this store best. Some of them smell. :(