A Week Of Thanksgiving

 Good Morning! Thought I would pop in here before I head off to the grocery store for our Thanksgiving Feast. Shopping the week of Thanksgiving is always a bit of an adventure since everyone else is also purchasing their groceries and the aisles can be such a bumper car ride.

But I am going into this adequately rested and hydrated so should be able to manage playing nicely with the other shoppers.

Several of you have asked about Thanksgiving decorations and I thought I would show you the extent of that this year...The Mantle and the Coffee Table.
On top of the mantle from left to right: Thrifted tea light candle holders, a pilgrim and his wife thrifted from Goodwill and made in Japan, a pumpkin scented candle, thrifted Eddie Bauer clock, Cornucopia and paper machie fruit all from Hobby Lobby clearance, Gurley candles of pilgrims, pilgrim kids and turkeys and a Thanksgiving plaster scene from Hobby Lobby clearance.

Below is some cool metal balls with leaf designs (Hobby Lobby) and pine cones from Michael's in a pottery bowl.
It's not a ton of decor, but it is simple and festive.

How are you decorating for the holiday?
Enjoy your day, Sonya


Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

Gosh, Sonya. You've decorated circles around me. I've got nothing out. At all. Is it too late? Since nobody but my husband and I will see it? LOL I am thinking of getting out a big turkey painting just so I'll have something to put on the blog, though.

Comeca Jones said...

I didn't do much decorating in the house either yours looks great! I love the man and woman pilgrim.Btw I love the color you chose for your fireplace.

Sue said...

Love it! I put my few decorations in the china closet, away from the cats. I have several Gurley Thanksgiving candles, too, inherited from my Mom. Good luck shopping - I'm about to head out to work - working out at the prison today (back up supervisor in the call center - got a call at 9 last night).

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Wanda, Oh, a turkey painting! That sounds COOL!

Comeca, thank you! We were going to use that color in our bedroom and it looked not-so-good. I was glad when hubby suggested trying in on the fireplace, so all was not lost.

Sue, gurley makes me silly happy whenever I come across them:)

Sue said...

LOVE Gurley!! I also inherited Halloween and Christmas Gurley (the nativity). They are such a tie to my childhood.