More Thrift Finds-Falalalalalalalala

 This is part of a set of 8 plates, but only 4 glasses. After standing there holding it for a couple minutes, I decided that seriously...how difficult would it be to stick some vintage green glasses in the center. I think I like that even better than the red plastic, yes?
 I love him. Ilovehim, Ilovehim, Ilove him! And his little knitted stocking cap! Swoon.
 This is the second one of these books I have picked up recently. Neither one of them have made it onto Etsy yet. Because I am really, really good at procrastinating. The best at it.
And I simply cannot walk away from vintage memory books. Also, not put on Etsy. Yet.

Enjoy your day! Sonya


Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Fun stuff! ♥

acorn hollow said...

Oh great finds! I love the little mouse too