Monday, Monday...

It was a good, productive weekend! We spent quite a bit of it at Basketball tournaments. For which I baked and donated cupcakes:

I have said this before and I will say it again: My cakes/cupcakes are not exactly beautiful works of art, but they taste Ah-May-Zing.

Hubby and I did some rearranging down in the dungeon, er, Studio. We went through all of Bud's toys (with Bud overseeing this, of course) and moved them to another area of the basement. It was one of those time consuming projects that was seriously worth every minute we spent on it. There is still a whole lot that needs to be rearranged and gone through, but I will show you pictures soon!

And I managed to thrift a few things I am excited to share with you:

Right now this is in the dining room...it should be making its way to the kitchen...but the green looks so good out there!

I am obsessed with hanging glass lamps right now. Hubby is not. We are in the process of negotiating their actually joining our decor.

And this? I wish you could have heard my squeal when I opened this at Goodwill:


And with that, I am off to get ready to meet Monday head on with enthusiasm and joy.


Endings and Beginnings

After the whole illness in January, I decided to get more focused in several areas of my life. I wanted to simplify many things that had just become ways that frittered my time away. Have you ever felt that way?

I wanted to spend more time with the kids and Hubby...I wanted to be truly in-the-moment with Bud when he is telling me how atoms are split and how to help birth a whale. Seriously. He is a middle aged scientist in a small 6 year old body. It is frightening.
I knew I wanted to keep Dime Store Thrift. And I wanted to really see what I could do with Dime Store Thrift On Etsy if I focused my energies.

So I decided to close my booth at Memory Lane for the Spring and Summer months. I have loaded that baby up the past few weeks and things have been moving out the door, which is a great feeling! I am going to miss my friends there, but will be shopping there often finding treasures for the Etsy shop. Think I put up enough signs saying the booth was closing and everything is 40% off??

Monday afternoon I will be there moving out. Hopefully there will only be a few things left! There are several things (if they are still there) that I have earmarked to be moved right on over to Etsy and a few things that will come back to live with me because I still loooooove them...and a few things that will get donated.

And I feel at peace with the whole decision.

Enjoy your weekend!


The Pink Elephant In The Room


I love a touch of quirkiness! When I saw this creamer, we both knew it was coming home with me. If not for me, then for you. You can find this treasure right now in the Etsy store!
Wouldn't this be fun to use as a vase? Or to collect change in? The ideas are just endless this morning!


New Thrifting Obsession

Bet you never saw this one coming! I LOVE clip on earrings. Love Them! When I was a wee freshman in high school, I had several pair that I acquired from my Mother that would have looked darling on an elderly lady. But, that trend came and went long before my sophomore year and I never looked back.

Until now.

You always tell me but I always forget that Goodwill has a wonderful treasure trove of old jewelry. And with these two pairs, I have a whole new thrifting obsession.

As you well know, it begins that quickly.

This little gem was also in the box I was digging through and will be making her way to Etsy:


Sewing and Wizard Of Oz

While at Goodwill for 10 minutes last week, I found this book:

I really am wanting to learn how to sew! But the sad thing about that is...I think I have a child in the 1960's who is 6 years old and would wear things like this:

And I as that child's mother would be outfitted in clothing like this:

Not realistic. But that is what I think of when I think of my self sewing!

And thank you ahead of time for indulging me, but I simply HAVE to show you some pictures from the Wizard of Oz play...these kids have worked so hard for the past 3 months and it is sad to see the play end. And Dorothy completely OWNED that part!! Speaking as the proud Mommy who gave birth to that child...

Now that we are completely healthy again and the play has wrapped, I should be getting back into my regularly scheduled programming this week. Whew!


It's Real Simple

There is a wonderful retired couple that I have gotten to know from Memory Lane. I had the pleasure of spending the morning with them last Friday at their beautiful turn of the century home...sipping coffee, looking at their artwork, hearing about their antique treasures. Such an enjoyable visit! They've been going through a de-cluttering phase the past few weeks and had asked me ahead of time if I would be interested in C's collection of Real Simple magazines that she was ready to part with and he was about to toss in the recycling bins. You know how much I enjoy a magazine! Of Course I will take them!

I have been absolutely wallowing in 7 years worth of Real Simple for the past few days. They are spread out through the house...in every room, in the car...everywhere! Decadent! I get to rip out articles and pictures! It has been such an enjoyable treat.

The rest of this week is going to be spent getting Lu ready for the play Thursday and Friday. Picture me making 700 rice krispie bars. Yesterday I grabbed my two bff's and we made cotton candy at the school as a fundraiser. Have you made this before? The closest I have gotten to a cotten candy machine is at the circus. We can now cross that off our bucket list. Both of my girlfriends were all over that when I called to see if they could help. (Girlfriends who are willing to get covered in flying sticky pink spun sugar while an industrial fan is on them so the fire alarms do not get set off evacuating 900 middle schoolers are priceless.) I truly wish you could have seen it, it was hysterical! But those photo's will NOT be surfacing here.

I have an image to uphold.


What Makes Your Heart Pitter Patter?

This morning, I thrift! (said with enthusiasm like in a western "Tonight, we ride!") I am so looking forward to getting out there and seeing what I have missed the past month or so. The first place I am going to?

Second Season on Pierce Street. Hands down, that store is calling me and it is calling loudly. So that means something pretty cool is waiting for me to find it!

What are you collecting right now? What is making your mind tingle? Is there something you used to collect and find yourself not as enthused about it as you once were?

Things that still make my heart pitter patter are:

Great new books for 50 cents:

Vintage Christmas:

Cool pieces from the 60's and 70's:

I feel a new collection coming on, I just don't know what it is yet!


The Lake, Checkups and Memory Lane:

Summer IS coming, right? When Lu and Hubby left this morning (he always drops her off at school on his way to work) it was light outside! The days ARE getting longer! So even though it is 80 below this morning, the sun will be shining and there are rumors that it will be in the 40's this weekend.

(Bud swimming at the lake last summer...Grandma, he is wearing a life vest, it is not deep there and it only looks like he is far away from me. He is safe, I promise.)

Right now the lake is a frozen block of ice and snow...seeing pictures is so surreal to think that it'll all be melted and we'll be romping in swimsuits in 3 or 4 months. I am so ready to be up at the cabin, swimming and soaking in the sun and heat. Its just been a long winter and I am getting impatient.

Hey! Today is my two-week-out-of-the-hospital-checkup! I hope to be doing some thrifting tomorrow. I've been making lists of must-go-to places and am chomping at the bit to see what is out there.

And in response to the flurry of emails, YES, of course, if you see something in the booth closing pictures that you simply MUST have, you can email me and I will let you know if the item is still there, the cost and can ship it off to you priority mail. Many of those vintage items will be listed on Etsy if they do not get sold at Memory Lane at the end of this month.

Enjoy Your Day,


Memory Lane Booth Closing Sale:

I seem to be unable to load pictures onto my computer this morning.

So close your eyes for a minute and picture fabulous detailed images from my booth at Memory Lane. Stunning visuals, aren't they? Look at those Valentines Day wreaths! And that hanging green glass lamp that I haven't shown you before! Oh! And all those books and cool hanging decor and bar ware and vintage children's toys!

So glad I took the time to snap pictures there yesterday. Tech support will be arriving tonight after work so will have him take a look at the situation and you may get to see these drool-worthy pictures of the booth yet!

All items in the booth at Memory Lane are 40% off until the last day of February. And there are some seriously cool things in there.

In other news, we are all feeling healthy again! There is nothing so nice as feeling good. How is that for some wisdom-spouting? The kids have today off of school for conferences, then Bud goes back tomorrow and Lu on Wednesday. Which means we will be getting back into our normal routine, which feels absolutely lovely.

Enjoy Your Monday!


My personal tech support rocks it even over the phone! Here are the pics:


Finding Pleasure (while waving a white flag of surrender)

flowers from kind, thoughtful next door neighbor

magazines...I am such a fan of a crisp pile of new magazines...from another kind friend

This week has been all about taking deep calming breaths. Bud has been out of school (and will be out of school until next Tuesday) with Influenza. INFLUENZA! It was a bit surreal picking up a bagful of medications from the pharmacy last night. BUT, we are going to be fine and that is the main thing. Time, rest and a bit of Tamiflu, right?

I am so ready for summer.

Lu is 2 weeks out from The Wizard Of Oz...where has this time gone?! We are so excited! There are lots of little things that need to be done for her costumes but with the help of those deep, calming breaths and friends willing to run specific errands for me while I am house-bound with Bud, it is all going to get done.

Obviously, no thrifting has been done for weeks and weeks. Hopefully, that is not the only reason you visit me, for you will be sorely disappointed right now.

I have been going through the basement the past few days (since Bud has been confined to that area in a little nest on the couch during all waking hours so as not to share anything flu-like with Hubby and Lu) and have wonderful stuff ready to list on ETSY and items to drop off at Memory Lane.

Speaking of Memory Lane, my booth will be closing at the end of this month and you can enjoy a 25% off sale right now. Spring and Summer are usually busy around the home-front and I just can't give it the attention I would like to. The ETSY shop will continue.

And now I am off to give my little guy some juice and cuddles!

Be Back Soon,