A little bit of this...a little bit of that...

There hasn't been much thrifting the last few days so I am living vicariously through my bloggy friends who seem to find the best Christmas goodies! I left threatening jealous comments to their posts. My work here is done.

So the kids and I were back in Yankton last week and of course had to go out to the dam to see all the water coming through those gates:

It was overwhelmingly powerful.

Our caterpillar turned into a beeaauuutiful butterfly:

What I am reading:
Finished it and didn't looooove the ending, but still was glad to have read it...the rest of the book was great!

Enjoy your day, Sonya


Summer, summer, summertime...

Here we are...late June! I have started writing out our want-to-do-over-the-summer list, a wee bit later than I normally do, but this has not exactly been a 'normal' summer.

What is on your wish list?

Enjoy your day! Sonya


Playing with Paper Dolls

I made a mistake while thrifting. I know, I know...it doesn't seem possible, but I did.

These paper doll folders were just sitting there waiting for me. I didn't check in the inside items very well. I just assumed the dolls were in there. But when I got home and spread it out on the table this is what I found:

THAT is not Lamb Chop!

I also bought this paper doll folder:

No Linda, but there were these two lovely ballerinas in the folder.

The plans were to put them on Etsy. Now what?

Enjoy your day!Sonya


Scales, scales everywhere!

This is sorta getting weird. This is officially the 3rd baby scale I have come across in the last few months!

I love how each of the scales have different coloring...

And the mint green on this one is awesome!

It will be heading to Etsy over the weekend.


For Happier Calves

I came across this glass...shall we call it a Swanky Swig? And had to have it.

I like to offer wine in glasses like these.

That calf does look pretty happy!


You have a little something on your chin...

I really like this piece. But I am not certain it 'goes' in my kitchen or dining room. So it is moving on to Etsy. Unless I can talk Hubby into a remodel of the kitchen?


Whiiiiiiiiiine and Meals and Caterpillars

It. Is. So. Hot. Brain melting hot. 100 degree hot. I-don't-wanna-go-outside-until-it-cools-down on Friday hot.

I dusted off my crock pot Monday night to make Chicken Picante without heating up the kitchen and even that was too hot. I think we may have to find more cold salad-y type meals for those unbearable summer evenings. What is your favorite summer supper?
I am more than realizing most of my creations taste far better than they look!

Bud found a caterpillar. First the turtle and now Mr. Wiggles. We are turning into Wild Kingdom around here! He has already formed his cocoon so I obviously need to update that photo.

Stay cool,


Lake Turtles

I took the kids up to the cabin for a few days last week...it was a relaxing beginning to their summer vacation. You know, before we needed to head back home to help with community sandbagging.

You can imagine how excited they were to catch their first turtle! *When I was little, it seemed like turtle catching was a every-other-day event. Especially the tiny baby turtles. So when the kids told me they were going to catch one under the dock, I assumed it was a little one.

It wasn't.

*We are big fans of the catch and release turtle program so no turtles were harmed in this process. He (she) was only in the bucket for a couple minutes to be observed and loved up before she (he) was happily set onto the beach and swam away. Minnie-the-lake-dog was beyond disgusted with us that we let that turtle go. She had plans for turtle soup. You can see the release footage by clicking HERE.


10 cents in 2011 will still get you this:

I find a whole lot of 25 cent and dollar prices at rummage sales, but it always makes me happy to come across items marked a dime. Nice addition to my clip-on earring collection!