I have a booth, yes a booth, it's a BOOTH!

(sung to the tune of "I'm the map" from Dora the Explorer. Everything needs a theme song around here. You should hear my "I made an Etsy Sale" rap, it is a-ma-zing. Especially with the interpretive dance!)

I am thrilled to pieces to announce I am heading back to Memory Lane, Baby! October 1st...which means I need to go back into the studio/store room to do some more tagging.
Enjoy your day! Sonya


Where Was I?

Hubby and I just celebrated our 20 year Anniversary...I am amazed at how the years have just flown by. Being he is such a fab man, he whisked me away for a romantic weekend. Since it was a milestone year, he really outdid himself! We stayed at a Grand Hotel:

It was very art deco and cool!

 The Lobby:
 Where we had wine every evening before deciding where to go for supper:
This might be the most gorgeous bathroom I have ever been in:
 Seriously? This pool? The ceiling? Yes! It was like swimming in a spa.

Our concierge (I love saying the word concierge!) told us about the music at this place:

 And we did a whole lot of hunting and a whole lot of gathering...

Best. Anniversary. Ever.

And now I am off to ship an Etsy package all the way to France....oooh, lala!

Enjoy your day, Sonya


All Sorts Of Stuff:

It froze last night. All the tomatoes left in the garden had to come out whether they were ready to be picked or not.  Runrunrunrunrunrunrun!! She did great, coming in at just over 14 minutes.
 I seriously love this box. It is in the Etsy shop along with some other fun items that were added this week.
I finally found this mix after looking for it for years! It was in a magazine article that I had clipped and saved (of course). It is SO GOOD. I love the taste of lemon in my water and this is absolutely delicious. The orange is pretty yummy, too!
Enjoy your weekend, Sonya


Buying For The Packaging

 To the wonderful person who saved their garland in this fabulous box...
 I Thank You.
 Something cool will be made from it.
 Maybe not today...maybe not tomorrow...
But at SOME POINT this crafting season, something will be made from it.

Enjoy your day! Sonya


I Have Hit The Mother Sale Of Vintage Wrapping Paper:

I went to a church sale this morning and nearly PASSED OUT when I saw the tables and tables and tables of Vintage Christmas. There were rolls of wrapping paper and a small sign that read all full rolls were a specific price but sheets of giftwrap were priced individually.

Sheets? Where were the sheets? Well, digging down below the gift bags, I found the sheets. Nearly 5 lbs of vintage giftwrap! Squeal with me!

I love using gift wrap to package up the treasures I ship on Etsy, so all this is a wonderful addition to my shipping materials.

Enjoy your day! Sonya


What I Do:

Every Wednesday this month we head out to a field by a school...

We watch our kids line up...and then (to Bud's extreme excitement) we wait to hear an actual gun shot to get our girls running...

And then we scream like nuts along the side.

Oh wait. Just me?

I am a screamer at these things. Shouting "GOGOGOGOGOGO!" much to my own embarrassment when the meet is done.

I shout on everyone's child who runs for West. I shout on our friends on other school teams. I have yelled at kids I don't even know as they are going past..."GOGOGOGOGO!!"

I am one of those parents.

There aren't even pics of the end when the girls are full on sprinting because I am jumping up and down at that point and it is hard to take pictures when you are jumping up and down. And yelling.


And on that note, I am off to the dungeon to take a good hard look at all those Rubbermaid's with the post it notes on the side that read "ETSY--List In September".

Enjoy your day! Sonya


I am not one to scrapbook...

I love the idea of scrap booking.

I do.

It's just that I know myself and I would totally want to redo those same scrapbooks that I spent time and money on, within 5 years as they come out with new things and my tastes change. It is just easier for me to stick pics in albums. Not that I am even that far. Right now our pictures are mostly stacked inside a big trunk.(Note to self: you gotta deal with that trunk at some point.)

So even though I don't use them 'properly' I really love walking the scrap booking aisles and seeing all the fabulous stuff there is to play with. All the stickers and borders and pens and glitter and add on's...it makes me happy.

I was excited yesterday when I found these journals. And then found some borders to dress them up. Not really creating, just assembling. It was an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon. So much so that I was wishing I had a few more to play around with.

I can think of so many uses for these! This grouping is going to be used as a gift for a girlfriend. Which means I need to get more journals to dress up!

Are you a scrap booker? Do you use photo albums? Or do you also have a trunk stuffed with pics you need to deal with?

Enjoy your day, Sonya


Metal Picnic Love

The neighbor-lady-down-the-street sale was Meh. Found nothing, there didn't seem to be vintage stuff like there was during her last sales. Next time.

But finding THIS at another sale made up for it. After I get the sharpie marker buffed off.

Enjoy your day! Sonya


Church Sale Christmas

Last year I went to a church sale and was bummed to see some stuff walking out the door that I would have loved to see come home with ME. This year, I was unable to hit the sale when it opened yesterday. How hard can it be to talk kids into going thrifting after school? Pretty hard. So I put on my Mom face and decided to just drop by the sale this morning after getting everyone where they needed to be. I assumed everything pretty cool would already be gone.

I was wrong:

These are totally inspiring me to make more Christmas wreaths!

The other happy today is my neighbor lady down the street is having her twice-a-year fabulous yard sale. That starts at 4. Which means the kids are just going to have to put on their game faces and go with me, bahaha!
Enjoy your day,


Back Out Thrifting

Bud has been down and out most of this week with a virus that was going around his school...his fever finally broke and we are back to our typical daily routine this morning!

I always check the papers on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays to see if there are any fabulous sales going on and this morning I was not disappointed. After being in the house for the past 3 days, tag-teaming errands with Hubby to get exciting things like Tylenol and bread, it is thrilling to be heading out with a purpose knowing my little guy is perky again.

The only thing that would be disappointing today is running into that Shiny Brite hoarding woman again! But, really...what are the chances?
Enjoy your day,

Another Day, Another Clock

Sometimes, these thrift finds come in waves. I found a bunch of baby scales about the same time last Spring and now I seem to be coming across clock after clock.

This one does not work, either. So it shall be glittered up as part of a holiday display.

But the question I am asking myself...Should it be glittered for Halloween like the other one? Or should I start thinking ahead to Christmas?

Enjoy your day! Sonya


Tuesday, September 6th

I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend, relaxing and fun and time spent with those you love.

We brought out our giant box of accumulated thrifted Rescue Heroes. It seriously is a huge Rubbermaid. Bud went through a Rescue Hero phase starting at the age of 2. People were getting rid of their Rescue Heroes by the bagful. And we definitely took advantage of that! His collection of 'guys' grew and grew.

Now, we only bring them out a few times a year for a big reunion with earthquakes, hurricanes and moon missions to make things exciting for the heroes.

We needed the guys in the front room most of the day on Saturday, because in the back room, we were busy painting the walls...we went from a deep red to a chocolate brown.


How did you spent your Labor Day Weekend?

Enjoy your day! Sonya