The Black Tote (AKA Thrift Karma Is Very Real)

I made a list yesterday morning of things to do and errands to run. It is important that you see what is on the list:

One of the things on that list was to thrift a new (to me) tote. I was in need of a large tote to hold books going to and from the library.

Yes, I already own the perfect tote. Found at Target about 5 years ago. Black leather, roomy, lovely green liner. That tote on certain days needs to hold books going back and forth to the library and on other days needs to hold all of our Basketball game items along with snacks and Gatorade's and Bud's DS games and other activities for the days we were at Tournaments all day long. That tote is a hard working tote!

I found these ice packs at DollarTree of all places and they are WONDERFUL to have on hand when someone hurts a knee or elbow.

Lots and lots of bandages, lip balm, aspirin, cough drops and such.

Snacks...better than candy
I was always switching out things from the tote. And those things would just be piled on our dining room table until we got back. Piles of books and piles of medical supplies are not things I like to see on my dining room table. Purchasing a book tote had become a really intense need.

I dropped several bags off at Goodwill first thing yesterday of some outgrown kids winter coats and some more Studio items I was letting go of. Figuring someone would be able to use some of those craft supplies I just didn't have the desire to make anymore. (Which is a whole other post!)

From Goodwill I headed over to Memory Lane to drop a few things off at the booth. While there, I decided to do a quick run through and see if I could find anything that would work as a tote, either for our books or for our game bag. I had about 5 minutes so I was just walking quickly, looking left and right and pausing only when I would see handbags or book bags.

Imagine my surprise and then outright GLEE at finding a tote IDENTICAL to my wonderful black tote. Except it was BRAND NEW with the tags still on it...marked at $6.
Thrift Karma is real, my friends...It is real.

Enjoy your day, Sonya


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

What a super find. I love it. Good for you. Hugs, Marty

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Thanks Marty:) Coming to visit you next (on your blog...but if you NEED me to come South and actually visit you, I can...)

Anonymous said...

I believe it! My husband dropped our depression glass butter dish and the base broke. Luckily I kept the top, BECAUSE when I made a trip to our local thrift store, what did I find, but a base that matched my original. I thought it was so strange that they didn't have both pieces of the butter dish for sale, just the base piece which I needed! Karma!

kristin said...

Oh wow, how amazing!!! Thrift karma IS the best!!

I just got a tote for myself as well, I've been wanting one and finally found one that I really liked.

Carol Pirozek said...

That is so totally AWESOME Sonya..It was meant to be just for you!! I love tote bags and have a few of them I always rely on going to softball games all summer...for all my bottled water!!!U R so lucky!! :-)

Sandie said...

Oh how lucky for you! You can't beat a good tote bag. Mine is still packed from the last 7 years of softball much like yours and now that my daughter is playing college ball I wonder if I will need to take it anymore! Sort of makes me sad! So proud for you!

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Anon--That is some serious Thrift Karma as well! Wow, so meant to be!!

Kristin, it is so cool to finally get what you have been looking for.

Carol, Gotta Love Memory Lane! I know you find great stuff there, too.

Sandie, I am going to be sad when these days are over...thankfully I have Bud up and coming;)

FickleFloozy said...

THAT is wonderful. It's painful to find that one bag that's JUST RIGHT, all the while knowing you'll eventually wear that sucker out and its replacement will not measure up.

All hail the Thrift Gods!

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

FickleFloozy...So True!!