Scenes From A Weekend

--We cheered for 6 different Basketball Games (5 of Lu's and Bud's very first game)

--Went to the library and picked up some great reading

--Watched Callie watching it snow...and then snow some more (yay!)

--Made a huuuuuuuge batch of bean soup. There is not documentation of this. I dropped the Tupperware container. On the floor. In front of the fridge. Yes, it was full.

--Built a fort in the back room

--Flipped through some catalogs that arrived

--Purchased (finally) a set of rechargeable batteries. It is ridiculous the amount of batteries we go through so this might be the most sensible purchase of the year!

The kids are out of school today...planning on doing some shovelling, running to the post office to mail Etsy packages and making another batch of soup.

Enjoy your day, Sonya


AuntLou said...

Library! :) Catalog browsing! :) Sound's like a great weekend!

AuntLou said...

Gah! A misplaced apostrophe! My day is ruined! :D

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Haha! I do not judge;)