I am the first to admit here...there is very little knowledge of what I am doing when I crochet. I figured out how to make a single strand and then attatch it to another strand and next thing you know, I have this thing being crocheted from the ground up and it looks a bit like a floppy skirt. And yet, I have this thing in my hands all the time.

I know it is not pretty, I know it is going to be weirdly crocheted and oddly shaped when I am 'done' with handling it...and yet I am all proud and know it will be warm.

These yellows and greens are the yarns I thrifted to practice. My next ones are going to be very bright and spring like so I can make a pile of blankets that look like this:

I am so addicted!


laurie said...

good for you, thats the spirit, my daughter just learned how to crochet, she's learning, slowly, beautiful inspiration,

AuntLou said...

Go, Sonya, go! You can do it. Hey, with all the online tutorials, we could all be experts!
btw, I have done some of these. Need a tip or hint or more? Give me a holler. :)

Carol Pirozek said...

Looking good Sonya!! You will be an expert in a couple of days!!! I am so excited for Thursday for your first lesson...I will bring some books and I have a 2 page list of all the crochet stitches and in time...I will teach you every one of them!!C U soon!!Carol

katie scarlett said...

I love that stack of quilts!