Hunkering Over My Crochet Hook

Sorry for the light posting the last few weeks. There have been lots of changes going on around here...all good.

First of all: I found a Teacher Of Crochet who has given me 2 lessons that have already put me on my path to making a throw. I think she nearly passed out when she saw the blanket/rug/ruffled skirt that was being produced by my I-Am-Just-Gonna-Teach-Myself method. It helps doing it 'correctly' and finding out that yes, yes I do need to count.

Second of all: I am addicted to Alpaca yarn. So dang soft I want to just bury my face in the skeins. I found these gorgeous colors at Hobby Lobby and am making square after square until I have enough to put together the throw. Callie wants to bury her face in the yarn, too.

Third of all: I have been thrifting in between crocheting squares and have found some super cute things that I shall show you SOON!

Enjoy the rest of your Easter,

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Carol Pirozek said...

I Love the colors Sonya!! :-)