@%#*$ Oil Paint

I do not swear very often.

That is a lie.

I don't swear very often on the blog. But wowsie, wow, wow, did painting send me over the edge last night.

We were getting along OK when I felt something oily and realized that the tube had cracked and I was holding a handful of a gorgeous green Avocado oil based paint.

No...No, I did not have the proper
items to clean up.

If you do decide to try this at home, I would suggest using a very thin paintbrush and just follow the lines. I would not suggest doing what I did and trying to use the tube like a paint pen. It will make you sad.

I am pleased however with how it turned out...it was a really quick project (It took me longer to clean up my mess than to make these) and we now have some fun towels for the kitchen.


Jane said...

Cute! I think I remember when paint pens were popular. Was the one that cracked a new one - or vintage?

AuntLou said...

If this was new, from Hobby Lobby, do them a favor: take it back!! This is a good old standby, by now. They need to know if it is sub standard. :(

acorn hollow said...

I didn't know they still sold that I remember doing that.