Won't She Be Surprised

Well, this should be an interesting afternoon. Bud is "Star Student Of The Week" and has been bringing show and tell all week long.

Football cards, a helicopter, rocks from the Black Hills, Hero Factory Legos. Today? Callie The Cat is making an appearance in the first grade classroom.

Won't she be surprised when I coax her into the pet carrier? And then put her in the car? And open it up to 23 children who (according to Bud) have NOT had a cat be show and tell before? What an exciting adventure for us all!

There is a soothing glass of wine to look forward to this evening. Don't yet know what I will do to make this OK for the cat.

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Linda @ A La Carte said...

Good Luck with this one! :)

PS you may need 2 glasses of wine after this trip!

hugs, Linda