Vintage Baby Clothing

Last month I was thrilled to pieces to come across a huge amount of vintage baby clothes. After soaking for a few days in laundry soap and then washing on gentle cycles, most every single stain was gone! Hurray!
I promised pics of the results, so here we go:

Baby Blanket with fabulous graphics

Handmade  Heather Blue Pullover

Tiny Handknit Sweater with Lovely Detailing

Tiny Pink Sweater Dress by Nannette

I want to cuddle with that button, it is so pretty!

I love both the top and the tiny matching shorts

Vintage Baby Bonnet

FUR Vintage Baby Bonnet

Diaper cover with ruffle

Handmade Dress with Embroidery

PJ bottoms in Flannel

Vintage NightGown Circa late 1960's/early 1970's

Oh and these last 3 knits just made me swoon! 2 dresses and a teeny tiny cardigan....sigh.
I will get more pictures taken and show you the rest of the beautiful baby clothes. They will all be heading to Memory Lane within the next week or so!


Old Fashioned Gal said...

Aww! How adorable! I remember seeing your post about finding the baby clothes but I never imagined they'd be this darn cute!
I can only imagine all of the cute babies that have been in those clothes!
What a lovely find! :)

Tami Von Zalez said...

Those clothes are in such great shape! How could anyone part with them?


Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

My favorite is yet to come...a tiny Polyester dress in a great blue color!

I was shocked that the daughters who wore them and the mother who made them were selling them at her moving sale. There was ZERO sentimental value to them, which blew me away...maybe they kept their favorites and had completely let go of these...I don't know!

Barbara said...

I'm so glad you rescued these! They look like new, except much cuter.

Carol Pirozek said...

I LOVE all of these vintage baby clothes..I will be checking them out at Memory Lane for sure!!Such a great find!!! Miss you!! Carol

svelteSTUFF said...

I am an EARLY morning person.
I allow myself the guilty pleasure of a leisurely coffee (or 2) while perusing my 'usuals' (bloglist). I may not comment often, but I am taking a few moments this morning to say 'THANK YOU' for your Random Bits that I have come to enjoy!

Sue said...

What a great find!

I was fortunate that Mom saved a few items from each of us kids - the girl stuff in her cedar chest was obviously mine, and she had pinned labels to most of the boy stuff (2 boys). There is even a great story to go with the knitted pink sweater and hat (though not a matching set) - my grandfather bought them at a church bazaar just before I was born. Mom treasured them because he bought them himself and hadn't just given another family member money to buy a gift for him, which is what he did after my grandmother died 2 years earlier. A lot of the clothes I have were made by my mother, and I even have a picture of myself in one of the dresses.

This inspired me to keep a few outfits of my own boys, though my DIL wasn't particularly interested in using them when little Henry came along.

What treasures (yours and mine both).

Sue said...

I forgot to say, that picture that goes with my post - I have that dress still! Though I don't know if it's yellow or blue because I have 2 identical dresses.

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Barbara, I am amazed at the condition of them considering they are 40 plus years old!


SS, That was truly kind of you, thank you for the note.

Sue, I have missed seeing you here! I always love reading about your descriptions and memories:)