The Shape Of A Year by Jean Hersey (Book Thrift)

 I have been thrifting a lot of books the past month. A LOT of books. Some of them for Memory Lane, some for Etsy, some for me to take up to the lake this summer and some that will be kept in my collection here.

Isn't it funny how thrifting finds come in waves? I am coming across tons of Children's books, New Fiction, Nonfiction and Cookbooks in abundance right now. From people clearing things out after Christmas, perhaps?

One of my favorites has been this book by Jean Hersey from the 60's "The Shape Of A Year". The woman knew how to enjoy the simple things in life and appreciate the things we (I) so often take for granted.

I really struggle with stopping and fully enjoying little moments...there is a to-do list of my very own making that often times becomes my obsession, trying to get things done and crossed off and then filled in with more things to get done. Not that there isn't a place for all that. But this book is reminding me, teaching me, to open my eyes to some things that shouldn't just be passed over, but fully savoured.

From what I can tell by online research, this book is now out of print...but if you come across it, buy it and read it.

Enjoy your day, Sonya


The Black Tote (AKA Thrift Karma Is Very Real)

I made a list yesterday morning of things to do and errands to run. It is important that you see what is on the list:

One of the things on that list was to thrift a new (to me) tote. I was in need of a large tote to hold books going to and from the library.

Yes, I already own the perfect tote. Found at Target about 5 years ago. Black leather, roomy, lovely green liner. That tote on certain days needs to hold books going back and forth to the library and on other days needs to hold all of our Basketball game items along with snacks and Gatorade's and Bud's DS games and other activities for the days we were at Tournaments all day long. That tote is a hard working tote!

I found these ice packs at DollarTree of all places and they are WONDERFUL to have on hand when someone hurts a knee or elbow.

Lots and lots of bandages, lip balm, aspirin, cough drops and such.

Snacks...better than candy
I was always switching out things from the tote. And those things would just be piled on our dining room table until we got back. Piles of books and piles of medical supplies are not things I like to see on my dining room table. Purchasing a book tote had become a really intense need.

I dropped several bags off at Goodwill first thing yesterday of some outgrown kids winter coats and some more Studio items I was letting go of. Figuring someone would be able to use some of those craft supplies I just didn't have the desire to make anymore. (Which is a whole other post!)

From Goodwill I headed over to Memory Lane to drop a few things off at the booth. While there, I decided to do a quick run through and see if I could find anything that would work as a tote, either for our books or for our game bag. I had about 5 minutes so I was just walking quickly, looking left and right and pausing only when I would see handbags or book bags.

Imagine my surprise and then outright GLEE at finding a tote IDENTICAL to my wonderful black tote. Except it was BRAND NEW with the tags still on it...marked at $6.
Thrift Karma is real, my friends...It is real.

Enjoy your day, Sonya


Vintage Pyrex Thrift

I had literally 20 minutes free time last evening to hit a thrift store and was happy to walk away with these:

They each hold 1 1/2 cups and are simply adorable Pyrex! They will be heading into the Etsy shop.

Enjoy your day, Sonya


Scenes From A Weekend

--We cheered for 6 different Basketball Games (5 of Lu's and Bud's very first game)

--Went to the library and picked up some great reading

--Watched Callie watching it snow...and then snow some more (yay!)

--Made a huuuuuuuge batch of bean soup. There is not documentation of this. I dropped the Tupperware container. On the floor. In front of the fridge. Yes, it was full.

--Built a fort in the back room

--Flipped through some catalogs that arrived

--Purchased (finally) a set of rechargeable batteries. It is ridiculous the amount of batteries we go through so this might be the most sensible purchase of the year!

The kids are out of school today...planning on doing some shovelling, running to the post office to mail Etsy packages and making another batch of soup.

Enjoy your day, Sonya


700 Posts?!

Actually, this post makes it 701. Wow. 701 posts of not all that much to say;) Thanks for coming along for the ride! It is wonderful to have like-minded friends all over the world.

The past few weeks have been filled with a whole lot of Studio Time...Mostly just rearranging, going through things and listing on Etsy. I love going down into the studio! Mostly to putter around. It is definitely my happy place. Unless it is too filled and I haven't been spending enough time putting sale items away or the glue bottles and glitter are all over the desk area with paper cuttings. The desk has been cleared off (for the most part, do not judge me) and this is the most space I have had since last fall.

Obviously, there is still a lot of moving around to do. And on that note, I am going to go fix a pot of tea and head back down for the day!

Enjoy your day and weekend, Sonya


Bud's Harry Potter Surprise Party!

Bud is now 7. MY BABY IS SEVEN!  And is so into Harry Potter he can hardly contain himself. So when we decided to throw a little surprise party for him and a few close friends yesterday, it was quite easy to come up with a theme. Some streamers and balloons in Griffindor colors:
 A cool sign painted by Lu:
 And a scavenger hunt to get the party started:
--Wands were wooden dowels
--Toads and snakes were small plastic Target finds
--Dragon eggs were Easter eggs spray painted bright gold
--Stones were large beads
--Wizards cup was little trophy's found also at Target in their party section

Buds close friends Mommies are my close friends which makes it very easy to just relax and enjoy the party. The different items they found on their scavenger hunt went home with each child in their goodie bags, The potions class was part of the refreshments (7up and food coloring) and then cupcakes in the 'great hall' for treats. And then the kids just played hard while the Mom's had a chance to catch up. It was so much fun!

And now I need to get my newly 7 year old child off to school.

Enjoy your day, Sonya


Organizing Of Life

The past week has been spent decluttering everything from clothes to drawers to emails to computer files to Pinterest to the storage area downstairs. A couple trips have been made to Goodwill, items packed away for Childrens Closet, goodies boxed up to take up to the cabin and lots of items are prepped and ready for Etsy. Its been a good ride!

I would like to focus on the Studio this week...I need to pull everything out of there and rearrange some furniture. Sounds like a fun week ahead and I am sure there will be forgotten treasures that will resurface!

Enjoy your day, Sonya


Welcoming 2012

See ya 2011. So long. Don't bother coming around again. We are locking the door on you. (Except for the good parts.)

Finished putting all the Christmas decorations away yesterday and now the entire house feels fresh and clean and ready for what the New Year will bring. This week is going to be spent doing a bit more decluttering since I am realllly in the mood and as you well know, you gotta go with that when it hits.
Enjoy your day, Sonya