I am the first to admit here...there is very little knowledge of what I am doing when I crochet. I figured out how to make a single strand and then attatch it to another strand and next thing you know, I have this thing being crocheted from the ground up and it looks a bit like a floppy skirt. And yet, I have this thing in my hands all the time.

I know it is not pretty, I know it is going to be weirdly crocheted and oddly shaped when I am 'done' with handling it...and yet I am all proud and know it will be warm.

These yellows and greens are the yarns I thrifted to practice. My next ones are going to be very bright and spring like so I can make a pile of blankets that look like this:

I am so addicted!


Crocheting a Christmas Afghan

When I want to learn about something, my first step is typically to google. My second step is to browse the library catalog and check out anything and pretty much everything that is going to teach me.

Case in point: I want to learn to crochet. I realized it was crochet after seeing some gorgeous blankets that I thought might be knitted. Everything is knitted these days, right? Stop laughing. Anyway, everything that was catching my eye, blanket wise, had been crocheted! So crochet is going to be my next obsession. Frightening, sometimes, how my brain works.

So far, I have checked out 3 items from the library: A book of learning to crochet, A book of learning to crochet for CHILDREN and a video so I can watch someone teach me to crochet. There are more books coming.

My goal is to learn to make something along the lines of this:

Via SugarSCOUT on Etsy. Click on the picture to see more of this gorgeous afghan!
If it does NOT go well, I will need to purchase the above piece.

Do you crochet? Knit? Sew? 


**Update** 2012 Birthday Month Giveaway!

Congratulations to Alyssa!
Happy Birthday to you and me, too! It always feel like I am celebrating the whole month anyway, with my sisters birthday and mine and now my niece's. Yay for March babies!
Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! I love reading your blog and check it daily, so thanks for your dedication!

I have been into sequins and all things shiny recently. I am kinda obsessed with anything crafty.
Send me your info via email and we will get this thrifting started!

I seriously love my Birthday month. Who doesn't? Because we ALL get to celebrate for the month of March. And I share my celebration with you. Tis better to give than receive and all that jazz.

Here is what we are going to do. The first part of this Birthday Month Giveaway is this:

Leave a comment telling me what you are grooving these days.

And if you are the lucky winner drawn on March 16th, I will thrift for you! Whatever your heart desires to be thrifted.  I thrift it and ship it, as my gift to you for being such a good reader of the blog this past year. And as you know or may be figuring out at this point...I am a very gifted thrifter.

And of course, if you Tweet it or Facebook it or Pin it...you will get extra love from me. Because I do that.

**I have been getting emails asking if I would thrift for OTHER people for the winner...and yes, yes I would. If you win and you want me to thrift for your Mama or kids or BFF, I can do that!

Let Birthday Month BEGIN!



March 13th at Memory Lane

 The booth has been keeping me busy the past few weeks...still doing a lot of marking and rearranging and fluffing...

And a serious amount of books are being passed on to other book lovers!