Regaline Perhaps?

 I found a fabulous plastic dish at Goodwill a few days ago that reminds me so much of the Regaline that I like to hoard. I mean collect.

But it doesn't have the imprint on the bottom so am not positive. Either way, it will look great with the other pieces hoarded. I mean, collected.


Happy Finds

 More finds from the thrifting last week:

Fab glasses from The Silver Frolics...LOVE THESE!

Great colored plastic custard cups and coasters

Tin Tray and Dishes of Mt Vernon

Wonderful Beistle Bells

Glass with Recipes

Vegas Key Holder

Misc wonderful kitchenware


@%#*$ Oil Paint

I do not swear very often.

That is a lie.

I don't swear very often on the blog. But wowsie, wow, wow, did painting send me over the edge last night.

We were getting along OK when I felt something oily and realized that the tube had cracked and I was holding a handful of a gorgeous green Avocado oil based paint.

No...No, I did not have the proper
items to clean up.

If you do decide to try this at home, I would suggest using a very thin paintbrush and just follow the lines. I would not suggest doing what I did and trying to use the tube like a paint pen. It will make you sad.

I am pleased however with how it turned out...it was a really quick project (It took me longer to clean up my mess than to make these) and we now have some fun towels for the kitchen.


Hobby Lobby

Every single time walking through Hobby Lobby, I seem to find something else that I want to make.

This was my latest "OH! I can do THAT!" while buying more yarn for that blanket that is slowly being crocheted.

How cute are THESE!? I am certain my sister is laughing out loud right now as she reads this...the woman sews and does all sorts of fabulous handiwork that I have completely taken for granted until recently when I became a wee bit obsessed with all things done with a needle or hook.

Now, here is a question for my people-who-do-this-sort-of-thing: Is it wrong to make some of these using the adorable paint tubes they are selling right about these? Or do I have to learn to make real stitches with real thread? Stop laughing, Sister.

Knowing me, I am probably going to start out with the tubes of paint.


Sometimes You Gotta Look In The Plastic Lidded Boxes

Because when you see that unassuming box poking out from under a rack of clothes, it might just contain something like this:

Once again, I have hit the jackpot on vintage gift wrap and am doing a fabulous sort of happy dance!


Won't She Be Surprised

Well, this should be an interesting afternoon. Bud is "Star Student Of The Week" and has been bringing show and tell all week long.

Football cards, a helicopter, rocks from the Black Hills, Hero Factory Legos. Today? Callie The Cat is making an appearance in the first grade classroom.

Won't she be surprised when I coax her into the pet carrier? And then put her in the car? And open it up to 23 children who (according to Bud) have NOT had a cat be show and tell before? What an exciting adventure for us all!

There is a soothing glass of wine to look forward to this evening. Don't yet know what I will do to make this OK for the cat.


You Can Thrift Hard Or You Can Go Home

After having no space left to upload photos recently, it feels downright DECADENT to be uploading picture after picture. And I might have gone a bit overboard, but just let me enjoy this for a while.
This morning I went out thrifting and thrifted BIG. Here were my finds:

40s Christmas Wartime Idea Book

Terrifying Wind Up Clown That Bangs His Cymbals Together

Huge Box Of Vintage Letters
Everything has a place to go to, just needs to get it all wiped down and marked.



Hunkering Over My Crochet Hook

Sorry for the light posting the last few weeks. There have been lots of changes going on around here...all good.

First of all: I found a Teacher Of Crochet who has given me 2 lessons that have already put me on my path to making a throw. I think she nearly passed out when she saw the blanket/rug/ruffled skirt that was being produced by my I-Am-Just-Gonna-Teach-Myself method. It helps doing it 'correctly' and finding out that yes, yes I do need to count.

Second of all: I am addicted to Alpaca yarn. So dang soft I want to just bury my face in the skeins. I found these gorgeous colors at Hobby Lobby and am making square after square until I have enough to put together the throw. Callie wants to bury her face in the yarn, too.

Third of all: I have been thrifting in between crocheting squares and have found some super cute things that I shall show you SOON!

Enjoy the rest of your Easter,