Letter Obsessed

 I very seldom walk past a box of letters, letter cards or game cards. SUCH a fun thing to hoard...I mean collect. Ahem.

But at some point you gotta start doing something with those letters, right? Thankfully I came across a post from my girl at MonkeyBox who loves the letters as much as I do and after a few emails back and forth she inspired me to pack up some and put them at Memory Lane.

More Soon!


15 Years--Don't Blink

15 years ago our lives changed completely and totally irrevocably with the birth of Lu.
She has brought pure music, laughter and joy into our lives.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart


Another random This and That post

Lu and her team getting ready to race
 Sorry for being a little MIA the past few weeks:

*I started a new job at the beginning of this school year and am still getting into a routine. Not a whole lot of thrifting going on right now but I will have a good window in the morning as well as mid afternoon. I just need to have the energy to access that window. Getting there.

*Cross Country has begun and we are spending a lot of time screaming "RUN! PASS! KEEP GOING YOU ARE DOING GREAT! PUSH!" You can imagine how much this pleases my teenage daughter. But we are so proud of all of them and all they are accomplishing. It is a bit too hard to stand still and quiet.

*Bud is doing Flag Football and will get some candid shots of that soon.

*Our heat wave finally broke and I feel Autumn in the air! Invigorating!

*My creative spurt began and ended yesterday with writing a saying on our door chalkboard and I am pretending that it was something spectacular I created. Pretend along with me.

Enjoy this beautiful weather and I will be back sooner than later. I promise.