Because I Should Not Be Unsupervised...

Look what I found at one of my favorite flea markets!
 So pretty. Yellow and summery with those fluffy little flowers.

And then I washed it.
 In too hot of water.
 And managed to do something beyond repair by fleecing it, I don't even know.
It is still yellow and summery, just not very fluffy and soft anymore. 


Carol Pirozek said...

Hi Sonya! This afghan is made with the broomstick crochet hook and never is very fluffy..try ironing it with spray starch..put a flour sack over afghan after spraying it and put iron on top of flour sack towel..it will lay the flowers out nicer..good Luck! its very beautiful!!!what a nice find!!! Carol

AuntLou said...

I think it may have been a wool,but there are other fibers that pack down like that. It's still pretty. At least it's not a family heirloom, right? :/

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Thanks for the tip Carol! And Lou, I think you are correct;)

Rosie said...

Poop! I hate it when that happens! :(