Fourth Of July Wreath

Very pleased with time spent in the studio this morning and the Fourth of July wreath that came out of it...even playing around with red, white and blue sequins this time of year was fun!


Busy City Street Scene One and Two {Abstract Oil Painting Fun}

When I can't find what I want, I have a tendency to just try to make it myself and see what happens.
I do believe strongly in that beautiful statement of Everyone Can Create Something.
And I really, really love oil paints.


Okoboji Hand Stamped Charms

The latest charms for necklaces that are making their way to The Whistle Stop have a definite Summer vibe...


In The Studio {Stamping Metal}

There is nothing I enjoy more than the quiet early mornings in the studio on the weekend.
A typical morning involves seeing what I left when I was last in there, finishing that project or setting it aside for another time and always there is tidying up that needs to be done.
Recently, though, I walked in there with a very specific project in mind that would involve some loud banging and a fair amount of space so I could spread out the tools to make this:

I had wanted to make a group of metal stamped charms for Lu that represented the plays she has been involved with the past couple years. Simplistic yet meaningful to her, that she could wear clustered on a necklace:

Really loving the way this turned out!


Easter Wreaths 2015

Very please with how both of the Easter wreaths turned out! I haven't had as much Studio time these days so kept everything out on the tables in there and worked on them while attending to laundry of all things. AMAZING what you can do during the dry cycles...


Shiny Brite Baby Wreath!

How I spent yesterday morning in the Studio:

There is nothing quite as therapeutic as having an idea, time and the supplies to create something new!