Easter Wreaths 2015

Very please with how both of the Easter wreaths turned out! I haven't had as much Studio time these days so kept everything out on the tables in there and worked on them while attending to laundry of all things. AMAZING what you can do during the dry cycles...


Shiny Brite Baby Wreath!

How I spent yesterday morning in the Studio:

There is nothing quite as therapeutic as having an idea, time and the supplies to create something new!


The Sorting Of The Christmas Baubles...

I have been busy in the studio today sorting through old ornaments to use on the famous Christmas Wreaths.
Such a wonderful, soothing way to spend this cold and snowy afternoon!


Christmas Snuggle Time Will Be Here Before You Know it!

The stack of freshly laundered blankets make me so happy! It isn't fair to skip over fall and I'll make up for it when I put out Halloween decor later this week. But today I am fantasizing a little about snow and Christmas trees and glitter and snuggling by the roaring fireplace.


Callie. Modeling. Sort of.

Callie is wearing a newly assembled lanyard that really brings out the gorgeous green in her eyes. The shades of silver show off the beautiful fur she was blessed to be born with.

Callie loves how this lanyard can easily go from casual to elegant occasions when she needs to wear her name badge.

Thanks, Callie!


Yes it is August...and Yes those are New Years noisemakers...

I've been getting a ton of things cleared out of the studio including all the items I have procrastinated about getting marked. These gems have been residing in here for several years because I always seem to think of them too close to New Years!

I love their patterns and know if they DON'T happen to sell at Memory Lane, I won't cry.


How We Spend Our Evenings...

This summer is flying past. Lu has been busy with another play and Bud has taken the baseball field again, fielding, pitching and catching.
He has his eye on the majors.

 I need to be honest here and say this is the first year I haven't dreaded games. The boys are older, more focused and the games move quicker.
I am even considering purchasing something Under Armor with a baseball motto on it.
Hoping you are also finding enjoyable ways to spend your summer!