Valentine's Day Wreath--FINISHED!

Welcome to Dime Store Thrift! If you are finding me from Pinterest and Google, I am so glad to have you here...This was originally posted 4 years ago but has been my most requested page. Enjoy! And let me know if you do get a wreath of your own made.

I am rawther pleased with how this turned out. So pleased that I decided to make another one:

And now I have TWO wreathes hanging by the front door! I think I will keep the first one (Hubby's favorite) and the other will be heading off to Memory Lane today.

To make these, I used a heart shaped grapevine wreath from Michael's and then wrapped it in some tinsel garland bought at Target during their 75% off after Christmas sales:

And of course dipped into my stash of vintage red and silver balls to go with the pink yummies:

And then I fired up that high heat hot glue gun, went into a trance-like state and stayed there until every last ball was glued on...it is never good when you come out of that that trance like state and start thinking about home improvement projects that you might be able to do using a high heat hot glue gun. Just Saying.

I have one more wreath and one more strand of garland and many, many boxes of red vintage balls left...so there will be an all red heart shaped wreath in my future!


What I Have Been Up To {Les Mis Bracelet Assembling and Homecoming}

You know how it goes when you start to make something...you make the hell out of it over and over again. This is my latest project in Les Miserables bracelet making:

I am seriously addicted to making these. Sort of like making the Christmas wreaths...when you have all the supplies out at once, it is so easy to just keep going and going and going. Four of these are going to be heading off to the Lamb Theatre "Baanefit" and hoping to add a few more to the Etsy shop.

In other news: Lu and her two BFF's had their Homecoming last weekend and I simply have to share the best picture taken:

K, A and Lu
This pretty much sums up their relationship. A whole lot of laughter. Lucky, lucky girls!
Enjoy your weekend and let me know if you are working on anything fun right now!


Thriftbreak 8/23/13 {The Power Of 3's}

Tap...Tap...Is this thing on? Yes? OH! HELLO! HOW ARE YOU DOING? (If you meet me in person, you need to know I talk in CAPITAL LETTERS with lots of squealing)

So! How was your summer? Mine? GOOD! It went fast. Lu was in Drivers Ed and is now driving! DRIVING! INSANE! Bud played baseball in the Minors and his team made it all the way to the Championships where they took home the 2nd place trophy. He wants to be a pitcher or a catcher next year. I didn't get a WHOLE lot of thrifting done over the summer but am trying to make up for the lack of now that the kids are back in school.

 Yesterday seemed to hold the "Power of 3's". 3 wonderful plastic reindeer:

3 good sized bags of vintage wooden ornaments:

3 Napcoware Angels:

3 metal Owls and 3 cast iron Owl trivets:

For only doing a quick walk through of a thrift store I very, very seldom get to, I was doing a little happy dance!

Enjoy your weekend ahead,


Vintage Fisher Price Toys (My Favorite)


Hidden inside this unassuming window seat in our back room is a colorful secret. Want to take a peek? 
This is where I have to admit that the kids haven't played with these for years. They are kept mostly for my own benefit because I LOOOOOOVE vintage Fisher Price toys. They make me happy.

The colors, their little happy faces, the cute little vehicles and buildings and towns and farm animals and chairs and hospital xray machines and a western town and look at that tiny canoe! I sorted through it all and did actually get rid of some because really, I did not need 18 school teachers. (you can currently find those extras at Memory Lane)

I am sure we could find other things to put in the window seat. Photo albums...maybe extra blankets for the winter months...DVDs...

But wouldn't that be sort of boring?


Working On The Green Thumb {Summer 2013}

We have suffered tomato blight the past couple summers. Extensive research (aka googling) shows that the problem lies in our soil in the raised bed we use to plant our veggies. So after much thought (10, maybe 15 minutes) Bud and I decided we would plant cutting flowers in the vegetable garden for a few summers and that Hubby would help us fix up some potted tomatoes on the back patio.
 We picked several packages of cutting flowers to plant by seed. Not sure if those are the flowers coming up or I need to do some weeding? Will give it another week and see what we have for consistency in seedlings popping up.
 Looking back toward the house, it will add a nice area of color!
And this is on the side of the yard looking up at the raised bed. Bring on those flowers! And bring on Summer!
What are you planting this year?


Doesn't Everyone Stack Books On Their Sideboard?

I was able to get a lot of pictures taken yesterday (HONESTLY, THAT TAKES FOREVERRRR) but no listings done. Until then, this is what our sideboard looks like. The funny part of it is: Not one member of the family mentioned this. I guess they are used to things stacked high for a few days.


Vintage Books!

As today is my day off from Tutoring, I want to get caught up on some Etsy listings. Actually, I don't imagine I will be 'caught up' for another month, but a girl can dream, yes?
I brought up the BH&G book cookbooks from the Studio to start with those. This is the first pile of just those types of books. Ahem. Do not judge me.
 This Christmas magic book distracted me for a few minutes:
 I come across these handmade doorknob decorations all the time while thrifting!
 I would be THRILLED to come across some of these but in the meantime can make my own...
And this little village made me quite happy, too. Such inspiration throughout the book! Watch for it to hit Etsy later this afternoon.
Enjoy your Monday!