Yes it is August...and Yes those are New Years noisemakers...

I've been getting a ton of things cleared out of the studio including all the items I have procrastinated about getting marked. These gems have been residing in here for several years because I always seem to think of them too close to New Years!

I love their patterns and know if they DON'T happen to sell at Memory Lane, I won't cry.


How We Spend Our Evenings...

This summer is flying past. Lu has been busy with another play and Bud has taken the baseball field again, fielding, pitching and catching.
He has his eye on the majors.

 I need to be honest here and say this is the first year I haven't dreaded games. The boys are older, more focused and the games move quicker.
I am even considering purchasing something Under Armor with a baseball motto on it.
Hoping you are also finding enjoyable ways to spend your summer!


Easter Decorations 2014

The amount of Easter decor has dwindled every year, but there were still some must-haves for the dining room table, entry table and on the wall in the entry way:

Time Goes By So Quickly...


First of all, I need to apologize. Time got away from me terribly easily this past school year. And I am a procrastinator. And I don't multitask very well anymore. And I was working. And...and...and...
Isn't that just how life goes? 
(that being said I am horrified I have updated Dime Store Thrift only 6 times this past year. ahem.)

If you are missing me so terribly you can hardly bear it without my constant chatter, you can find me pretty active on Twitter and Instagram. The links are along the sidebar. But I think of you as the kind of friend that can be caught back up quickly and resume our relationship right where we left off.

How are YOU doing? Have you thrifted anything awesome you can send me a pic of? Have you created anything that you want to show off? By all means then, message me!


Valentine's Day Wreath--FINISHED!

Welcome to Dime Store Thrift! If you are finding me from Pinterest and Google, I am so glad to have you here...This was originally posted 4 years ago but has been my most requested page. Enjoy! And let me know if you do get a wreath of your own made.

I am rawther pleased with how this turned out. So pleased that I decided to make another one:

And now I have TWO wreathes hanging by the front door! I think I will keep the first one (Hubby's favorite) and the other will be heading off to Memory Lane today.

To make these, I used a heart shaped grapevine wreath from Michael's and then wrapped it in some tinsel garland bought at Target during their 75% off after Christmas sales:

And of course dipped into my stash of vintage red and silver balls to go with the pink yummies:

And then I fired up that high heat hot glue gun, went into a trance-like state and stayed there until every last ball was glued on...it is never good when you come out of that that trance like state and start thinking about home improvement projects that you might be able to do using a high heat hot glue gun. Just Saying.

I have one more wreath and one more strand of garland and many, many boxes of red vintage balls left...so there will be an all red heart shaped wreath in my future!


What I Have Been Up To {Les Mis Bracelet Assembling}

You know how it goes when you start to make something...you make the hell out of it over and over again. This is my latest project in Les Miserables bracelet making:

I am seriously addicted to making these. Sort of like making the Christmas wreaths...when you have all the supplies out at once, it is so easy to just keep going and going and going. Four of these are going to be heading off to the Lamb Theatre "Baanefit" and hoping to add a few more to the Etsy shop.


Thriftbreak 8/23/13 {The Power Of 3's}

Tap...Tap...Is this thing on? Yes? OH! HELLO! HOW ARE YOU DOING? (If you meet me in person, you need to know I talk in CAPITAL LETTERS with lots of squealing)

So! How was your summer? Mine? GOOD! It went fast. Lu was in Drivers Ed and is now driving! DRIVING! INSANE! Bud played baseball in the Minors and his team made it all the way to the Championships where they took home the 2nd place trophy. He wants to be a pitcher or a catcher next year. I didn't get a WHOLE lot of thrifting done over the summer but am trying to make up for the lack of now that the kids are back in school.

 Yesterday seemed to hold the "Power of 3's". 3 wonderful plastic reindeer:

3 good sized bags of vintage wooden ornaments:

3 Napcoware Angels:

3 metal Owls and 3 cast iron Owl trivets:

For only doing a quick walk through of a thrift store I very, very seldom get to, I was doing a little happy dance!

Enjoy your weekend ahead,