All About The Olive

We (meaning Hubby) finally started painting our master bathroom after nearly 10 years of indecisiveness...or just simply that there were other things that needed to be done around the house first.

(And this is why I need a new camera. Birthdays coming up. Doesn't look like I am getting another Cat or a Green Lamp, so maybe I should focus on asking for a new digital camera.)

Can you even tell that it's a gorgeous shade of Olive? And it makes the bathroom say "Hi There!" in a jovial, yet soothing voice whenever I round the corner? The camera I have just doesn't have that oomph to show that detail. So I need a new one. And trust me when I tell you what was before blah white is now a simply lovely shade of Olive.

And when we (again, meaning Hubby) finishes the second coat I will take more photos. Hopefully with my new camera.


This Is My Day

This is my day. God has given me this day to use as I will. I can waste it…or use it for good. What I do today is very important, because I’m exchanging a day of my life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever, leaving something in its place.

May God, who gave me this day, also give me the wisdom to know how to live it…to be directed to add good to it…not evil. May the life which he also gave me be well spent for this day.

Lamp Update: Filled With Concern

I am no longer a tad bit concerned.

It is still there. At Memory Lane.

I feel this lamp may be the key to my happiness! HA! Don't we all feel that way about something before we buy it? Picturing the soft glow of my green lamp as I walked through the house in my evening gowns...or turning on the green lamp while I dust with the Disney animals that will be circling around me as I twirl and hum...or brightening the dining room with my green lamp on dismal rainy days. Are you feeling sorry for Hubby yet? He puts up with a lot, I know.

I may need to take matters into my own hands.


Memories Of Thrifting

Shopping Golightly at THE THRIFTY CHICKS blog posted a lovely comment the other day talking about thrifting as children. I urge you to read the post entitled Fond Memories Of Thrift.

Did you thrift as a child? Do you still thrift? Do you take your children thrifting with you?

Growing up, weekends were spent at our lake home in Minnesota. It was a huge deal to drive the 7 miles into the nearby town to visit the Flea Market on Saturday mornings. We kids were all given a few dollars to find our treasures and sent on our way with an agreement on where we would all meet up again. I had certain booths to visit that never let me down. Huge tables filled with books for 25 cents each or 5 for a dollar. How I loved browsing those tables! The toy tables were also a huge draw, even into my tween years.

My Mom, sisters and sisters in law searched for kitchen decor, fiesta ware (you could buy it so cheap in those days!) interesting jewelery and furniture.

I loved seeing the treasures that everyone found. We would spread all our loot out on the cabin's dining room table (hmmm...the holding area, perhaps?) when we got home to show each find to whoever didn't come in to town with us. Or just to ooh and ahh over each piece once more. To this day, many of the really cool treasures that they found, are still AT the cabin.

Do you find yourself hesitant to tell others that you are a thrifter, garage-saler, junker? I have no problem telling anyone who asks where items in our home come from and have a tendency to also say how much I was able to find it for! This wasn't always so...I didn't thrift for many years. I'm not truly sure why but when I think about it, I blame the excessive brand named 80's and 90's. But about 5 years ago, I came to my senses and got back into the thrifting game.

And now, today...the items I want for our home? I know where there are treasures to be found: Thrift stores, Goodwill's, Secondhand Stores, Rummage Sales, Tag Sales...and yes, even the good old Flea Markets.


Getting A Bit Concerned

The lamp is still at Memory Lane.

People are asking if it has arrived yet and it has not. I walk past it every day I am there and am surprised that it is still there and not in my hubby's trunk awaiting my Birthday.

My Birthday is over 3 weeks away, but still...what if somebody else scoops up my green glass lamp and buys it for their home?!

I started getting a tad bit concerned when I showed it to Lu and she said "Really? That is what you want? I don't know if Dad is gonna go for that. It's really big. And really green."

I was a bit more concerned when I showed Hubby the pictures of it so he would know exactly which one when he went to buy it. And his eyes widened. Really, really wide.

Remember how we were talking about not wanting a family member to really dislike something that is in our home?? I have two people in my home who are not jumping up and down at all about this lamp. Let alone jumping up and down as high as I am.

Maybe they are just really good at acting they don't like it? I can't be the only one who thinks this is just one of the most beautiful things, ever?


Thrifty Epiphany

While clearing out my Mom's kitchen over the weekend, I realized something. Maybe you already realized this. My Brother's both realized it after seeing my Blog and now it was apparently my turn. I am sure various family members are nodding their heads in agreement saying to themselves "Oh, yes, I knew what she was doing!"

I am thrifting stuff that I hadn't even remembered from my childhood.

All those green pedestal dishes I have been grabbing up at Goodwill? Mom had them. Didn't know that until Brother One started pulling them out of the 'vase cupboard'. I didn't need my Mom's green glass pedestal dishes because I have thrifted several of my own!

Those little plastic Nativity shiny brite's that I can't walk away from? Check.
Vintage Tupperware? Check.
Plastic lid-covered frosted candy dishes? Check.
Anything OLIVE colored? Check, check, check, check, check and check.

Is Olive even a good color choice for anyone else or is it my personal flashback to the 70's? I can't walk away from anything colored Olive.

I have also realized the past few days that the thrifting we all do is rather personal, isn't it? A memory that something triggers that we never realized existed but was back there in our minds nonetheless.


Mocking Me With It's Enthusiasm

So. Received my final Country Home magazine in the mail over the weekend.

Did I mention FINAL?

I can't bring myself to open it yet and read this last issue...just trying to savor that moment and the last few days have been too hectic to just sit and enjoy it the way it should be. (More on that later...)

Such an end of an era, isn't it?


Decorating with Thrifted Finds

I truly try to not just buy, buy, buy things simply to hoard them or store them. When purchasing, I like to have an idea of where we'll put something or have a plan if I am going to alter an item, such as painting or glittering the heck out of an object. It may take a while to put that altering plan into motion, but it's a plan, nonetheless.

It has taken me a looooong time to get to this place, of not buying just to be buying. I want to feel something from the item, to think it will add to our decor or lifestyle.

Even with the kids' toys and books or clothing that we thrift, if they aren't used within a certain time frame, they move on.

Believe me, there have been and I am sure will continue to be things bought on a retail therapy high or else purchased and then realize later that it simply won't work. Or we have too much stuff again and I need to go through things and weed out. I don't want Hubby to have to walk past something every single day that he cannot stand to look at (again, remember the owl-on-pegboard??)...it would be so much nicer to be surrounded by things we love and have wonderful memories of. And I try to remember that as we sort through things..."Do we love this? Does it give us or the children a warm-fuzzy when they see it?" That is another reason why it helps to have the whole family see what is moving on so there aren't tears later.

But back to bringing items into the home...After things leave the 'holding area' on the dining room table, they usually find their way to where I had hoped they would go when I bought them. Take a look at the mantel above the fireplace:

Can you tell what I have thrifted, what was bought at full price and what was gifted to us?

The mosaic vase was thrifted today for $1 and I love, love, love the colors in it. The Big Ben was found in the Target clearance area for I believe 90% off. The chunky candles were gifts, but the holders were bought at full price and cost $3. The metal holder in the center was bought at full price, $5. You remember the green lidded glass dish from last week, found for $2. And the frog candle stick holders are a wedding shower gift from Sister 2, 18 years ago! In the far back is a scent diffuser that was a gift from my Florida Margie that rests upon a green little holder that was family thrifted from my Mom, years ago.

This is a fabulous vintage green glass lamp from Memory Lane that I am wanting so badly, I drool on it just a teeny tiny bit every time I see it to mark my territory. And since it is in the booth right next to mine, I get to do this quite often! It is marked at $55, but it looks worth every penny and I would get such good use out of it...it wouldn't be in the holding area for longer than it took me to set it down, take off my coat and take it into the front room.

18 seconds, tops.

It would look good on the buffet in the dining room, too.

And I do have a Birthday coming up this next month.

Just Saying.


Placing Treasures

Here's a question for all you gathering Thrifters.

What do you do with your purchases when you get them home?

Do you immediately put them in the spot that you envisioned them being in? Do they go into the storage area to be dealt with later? Or are you like me?

Most of my purchases will spend about 48 hours (maybe more) on our dining room table. The one you see in a lot of my photos. They will land there after they have been cleaned up (if need be) or else they arrive there right from the bag. We refer to this as the holding area much to my dear Hubby's dismay. This is where he gets to view my treasures and sometimes walk away from shaking his head. Does anybody remember the ceramic-owl-mounted-on-pegboard-that-weighed-nearly-20-pounds?

Yeah. He didn't care for that little "treasure". Just to be clear, I don't know many people who did like it. I know it made many of our friends laugh, though!

Usually things stay in the holding area until I can figure out the perfect spot for them to be in the house. Sometimes they are in the holding area simply because I know I will have to put them away until a later date and I like seeing them there, touching them and thinking about future glittering, if need be.

These little figurines have been in the holding area for 2 weeks.
I LOVE them.
I don't WANT to put them away until Christmas. They make me rawther happy when I see them smirking at me. You can't tell from the photo, because my camera is simply terrible (I am certain my photos would be amazing and highly detailed if I didn't have such a terrible camera) but there is glitter all over their adorable little faces and legs.
I think they are going to find a little spot by our kitchen window and keep them out year round.
And for my Girlfriend Michelle...a close up of the eyes, BOO! How can you even start to find these gorgeous eyes frightening?!


Biscuit Tins

You are going to have to laugh. I did. While out thrifting the other day, I found another English Biscuit Tin and quickly scooped it up since I seem to be getting a bit of a collection of these, right?

Wow. I thought it looked vaguely familiar. So now I have a happy little set for that area under my island where I usually just store wine! I am getting a bit low on wine, aren't I?

I am more than fine having 2 of them, but seriously, how often do you thrift the same items twice?


Margaritas! I mean...Iced Tea!

This is one of my favorite finds yesterday:
A vintage ice crusher that we will have SO much fun with as the weather gets warmer. Every drink tastes better with cracked ice, don't you think?

More Pic's From Second Season

I told you I was going back yesterday afternoon! And I am trying to NOT go back again this morning. This store could be a problem for me! I told myself I will go back again on Tuesday just so I don't become one of those store-stalker people...
I talk big. I know I am going to have to go back today.

This is a photo of the lovely Bailey, Store Mascot

Random shots around the store:

OK, these we have at our lake home in Minnesota and I am really, really wanting them for here, too. And they have a cool carrying holder...can't you just picture dips and munchies in them on the back patio in the summertime?

And you know what? I haven't even shown you WHAT I BOUGHT YET!
More photos will be coming.


New Store! New Store! Whoop, whoop!!

Today Bud and I were making our way down Pierce Street here in Sioux City when I remembered there was a store down in that area that I have always driven past, but hadn't been able to stop at because we are usually on our way somewhere else, and running slightly behind.

But today...today I had some time. And I stopped.

Sometimes (usually) I don't like to share where I find my treasures (we have talked about this before, it's not like you are just figuring this out about me...) because I worry that somebody else is going to get to my treasures before I do, and that would be sad. But I am trying to be a more generous person this year. And realizing that other people deserve to find treasures just as much as I do. Mostly.

And today I am sharing one of the BEST kept secrets here in Sioux City:

You know that feeling you get when you walk into a store for the first time and you can't take it all in because there is so much to see and buy that it is almost overwhelming and you feel as though you might need to sit down for a moment?

That is the feeling I got from this store.

Julie, The Proprietor said they have been there for *4* years...where have I BEEN?! I can't believe it took me this long to arrive.

We were met at the door by a Burnese Mountain Dog named Bailey which is what I was before I became who I am now...the name, not the dog. I was a Bailey! And here was my first little sign that I was exactly where I was supposed to be at that moment. And the fact, I am SO not a dog person, but I love Burnese Mountain Dogs and would take one home if only Hubby would have a little moment of weakness.

I love a store with a mascot!

Bailey was not for sale, but this was:
Olive green makes me so very, very happy and this little lidded candy dish will be very, very happy here in our home.

Bud was not in the mood to be shopping, he mostly wanted to roll around with Bailey on the floor giving her tummy rubs. So I purchased the dish with the promise of coming back later today. It was that good. If you live within an hours drive, come and see for yourself. And if you are planning a trip to the area any time in the near future, make a side trip to do some shopping.


Memory Lane Thrifting

Loving these old greeting cards...it was a grouping of 24, everything from Birthday to Wedding and Baby Congrats. Taking me back to a simpler time once again.

It never fails. I go in to drop things off in the booth at Memory Lane, do a quick walk-through and manage to find something that needs to come home with me. Usually Deb, another booth friend, is there and letting me feed off her creativity. Her latest idea really tickled me, especially after finding these cards: She cut some cards down to size, punched a couple holes in each one to string through some sheer ribbons and is now using them for gift tags...LOVE IT!


I prefer "Abrasive and Intimidating"

Over on Blogthings, there is a really fun generator that shows you the hidden meaning of your name...Click on it to go there for yourself! I found this website thanks to Wanda and am loving this. I obviously have a bit of time on my hands this afternoon!

What's Your Name's Hidden Meaning?

Here is the meaning of SONYA:

You Are Seductive and Ruthless

You are the total package - suave, sexy, smart, and strong.
You have the whole world under your spell, and you can influence almost everyone you know.
You don't always resist your urges to crush the weak. Just remember, they don't have as much going for them as you do.

You are well rounded, with a complete perspective on life.
You are solid and dependable. You are loyal, and people can count on you.
At times, you can be a bit too serious. You tend to put too much pressure on yourself.

You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people.
You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts.
You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals.

You are a free spirit, and you resent anyone who tries to fence you in.
You are unpredictable, adventurous, and always a little surprising.
You may miss out by not settling down, but you're too busy having fun to care.

You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection.
You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive.
You have the classic "Type A" personality.

Cleaning of The Thrifted

Sometimes when we are out thrifting, we come across great things but someone has taken a crayon to it, such as the case of the large talking Dora The Explorer House we found last week for $2. Not that long ago, I would have left it for somebody else to deal with. But that was before Mr Clean Magic Erasers! I like the heavy duty ones, personally. It only took a minimal amount of rubbing and the crayon completely was gone within 30 seconds. Amazing. An originally $50 toy.

My other 'tools' are hot soapy water, maybe a little bleach on certain items and always things get a good disinfecting with a few spritzes of a cleaner and a really good wipe down.

Any cleaner you are partial to? Do you have a fabulous thrifted item you were able to salvage with a little bit of elbow grease?


Fisher Price Vintage Toys

Gather around, young 'uns...I have a story to tell.

Once upon a time in Sioux City, Iowa, A very lovely woman had a large amount of stuff to drop off at Goodwill. Good stuff. Stuff you would want to buy. Stuff she just didn't need anymore. After dropping off the bags and rubbermaids in the drive through area where there is always someone so kindly waiting to help her unload, she decided to do what she refers to as a 'walk through' of the Goodwill before she went on to do other good deeds through out her land. During her walk through which takes approximately 5 minutes to cover the whole store, she stopped. Was that? Could it be? Those colors...yes, YES! IT IS! IT IS A LARGE BAG FULL OF VINTAGE FISHER PRICE PEOPLE! She pulled herself together. She took deep breaths. She went to ask the nice woman working if the bag was for sale and for how much.

The bagful, my dear reader, was for sale. And this is what we brought home:

I love me a good vintage Fisher Price! And I think there is a moral to this story:

--If you get rid of things no longer neccesary in your life, something truly cool that IS rawther neccesary will come into it. Maybe not neccesary, but very, very cool, nonetheless.

And Snake Eyes. Use them, live them, love them, be them.

Oh, one last thing. The cost of the bag? $20


Valentine Creating

Lu, Bud and I spent a truly enjoyable time creating a few Valentines over the weekend...sometimes (more than sometimes) it is hard for me to just relax and let the kids make a mess or create on their own without my input. We put everything in the middle of the dining room table and voila! There was only one tussle and it was for a sequin that both Bud and I wanted.

He won.

See, I can be the grownup.

The Valentines were found last year at Target during their 90% off Valentine clearance and I am so glad I picked up several boxes. They
were scrap booking Valentines that came with 8 cards in a pack that you could embellish with all sorts of goodies like those sequins, glittered tags, ribbons and such that also came in the package. And then we added some princess foamies from the craft closet that Lu has far outgrown, but Bud has some girl-friends who will looooove them.


For Every Thing Thrifted...

Or every thing brought into the home, there must be something purged.

At least if you have been gathering as long as I have.

There just isn't enough space to keep every single thing ever bought and stored or gifted to us without adjusting and ridding yourself of something else now unwanted or un-needed. And that is when we 'give back' my friends.

Our local Goodwills are down on their inventory and need donations as do most thrift stores, at least here in my area. I managed to find some good thrifting over this past week so this weekend is going to be spent going through what we have and purging. And I can promise you, before the weekend is done, I will have filled the back end of my SUV, amazingly. We had 2 rather large toys enter our home yesterday so we now need 2 rather large toys to exit. And time for the kids to make another pass through their rooms and play spaces to see what can find new homes.

And I am in The Mood to get rid of things, so that always helps push the little projects along.

And I have a Plan:

All items we are go through and are now leaving us will go into piles:

--One pile is for Goodwill and other Thrift stores in the Sioux City area that take donations. I try to spread the love out by donating to several, not just one. As I fill the bags for donations, they will immediately go out to the car. The stores that they are going to be donated to are open well into the evening hours, so I know I will get them donated today. Is there anything worse than purging and then having the bags sit in the basement for another week or two? This pile will consist of household 'stuff', toys and clothing...nothing torn or broken or useless. Donating junk is not truly donating. It's making somebody else throw it away and is not very generous.

--One pile are things that will go to Children's Closet that will sell in April at a local church sale (it is an awesome sale, I will tell you more about this sale and who it benefits as it gets closer!) This pile is really good toys and clothing that is still like-new.

--One pile is for items that will find their way to Memory Lane and The Booth. Decor is what I focus on for this pile.

--One pile is for friends and their children, things they might be able to use or pass on to somebody else.

--One pile is for Freecycle...visit freecycle.org to find a group in your area. This helps to keep junk out of landfills by helping you find a home for items you could never imagine somebody wanting...but somebody usually does!

Real, honest-to-goodness photos will be following soon so you can follow me on my little joyride here and maybe join in!

Leave a comment and tell me how you get rid of unwanted items and what motivates you to do some purging of your own!



Thursday Thrifting

Yesterday was a treat: Most everything thrifted was educational. You just HAVE to enjoy a theme thrift. I love these Carl books! I don't care how old I get or that the children are going to hit the point that they really don't look at picture books...Carl is simply the best dog ever. And I am not a dog person. But I would so take Carl, as my dog or to be my babysitter because he seems like a really, really good one. Alexandra Day is one of the most talented children's author/illustrators around and if you come across her books, thrifted or not, purchase them. This one, which we did not have in our collection, set me back a mere 50 cents at Goodwill.

Whitman books! Color books! Shape books! Counting Penny books! All these make me squirmy and happy

Ahhhh...Whitman, we meet again. A box of Rainy Day activities from 1980. 29 years ago, goodness, I am getting old! This was filled with awesome unused masks, lacing cards, heavy cardboard pop out finger puppets...

Look at the owl mask, it was simply meant to find me. It'll be fun to use with Bud.

And finally, a geography workbook for Lu to enjoy over the summer...these little workbooks are rawther spendy, I was quite pleased to come across it.