The Metal Cupboard

While I am a bit hesitant to show the before picture before I have made it into what I am hoping it will be...nonetheless, here it is:

What do you think? I am trying to decide what it would be used best as...and that determines the color.

My options are: Pantry (black), Booth Shelving at Memory Lane (uncertain), Display Cupboard at Christmas (dark red), Display Cupboard at Halloween (dark orange or chocolate).



Don't Move! I think she saw us...

OK, for all you first time deer glitter-er's...Here is My Glitter Tutorial: Remember I am not a professional, I just play one on this Blog.

First of all, gather up your tools.

Go ahead.

I can just wait here while you go get them.

--Metal Trays to put the items on that will be glittered. You cannot have too many of these

--The Items you are glittering

--Paintbrushes I like to have several different sizes on hand from teensy to watercolor size

--Glitter there are so many different types and textures of glitter, try them all if you can to find what works for you...on this project, I used Martha's ultra fine

--Glue I like Martha's glittering glue, tacky glue, craft glue...Elmer's is OK if you have NOTHING ELSE IN THE HOUSE, but try to get something a bit thicker than school glue...

Now...Put your deer on the tray. Don't let them try to talk you out of it.

Lay them down on the tray and decide where you want to begin. Again, keep your confidence up.

Start painting on the glue...

And then sprinkle on the glitter...don't be stingy with it.

This is a 3 step glittered project.

You do as much as you can holding on to a leg or whatever, turning it over to glue as much as you can and then follow up with the glitter. When you run out of something to hold on to, you are done for about 2 to 4 hours (at least) while it gets good and dried. Then you grab onto a dried glittered part and finish gluing and glittering the rest of the deer.

Again wait at least 2 hours (I am more of an overnight-sort-of-glitter-drier) and then take a good hard look at the deer and see if there are any spots that you might have missed, there always are, and re-do those. These deer are 2 glittered steps in and I am just waiting for them to dry completely before I do the final touch ups...you can see the leg area that needs to be redone.

And then Voila! Glittered Deer on display for the holidays!


One Of My Top Goodwill Finds Of 2009

Thrifting Karma is good. Very, very good.

You take boxes and bags to Goodwill. You pay-it-forward on items you get from others and give on to others who can use it. You donate. You Freecycle.

And then late one Sunday afternoon you casually mention to Hubby that you want something to store canned goods in. Something that would fit in a certain area by the refrigerator. Some sort of storage. Something that requires minimal amounts of money or labor from using a carpenter to build us something.

"You know I like quirky!", You say enthusiastically. "I just need something that will act like a pantry".

Hubby raises those eyebrows and says "We'll look around".

And then.

While zipping through one of your favorite thrift stores the very next day...you see IT. A 6 foot tall, 1 foot deep metal cupboard with 2 doors on the front.

And you almost walk past IT. But you shake your head and do a double take and a couple back-up steps to touch IT. You think "Hmmmmm...this might be nice to use at The Booth in place of that weird shelf I don't like...I could paint it a great color and put cool things inside leaving the doors wide open...maybe do something with it and put it on the patio for gardening stuff...OR! OH! OH! Maybe this is what could work as the pantry!! OH! If I sand the rust off! And spray paint it! OH!!"

(Seriously, this is all being said loudly inside my head as I am thinking. I can only imagine what my face looks like to bystanders who may be watching me mentally freak out about an idea. Frightening.)

So you rip off the $5 (YES! $5!!) price tag and march toward the backroom of Goodwill to ask if someone can carry it out for you, nervously looking around to make sure someone doesn't come sprinting out of nowhere to try to carry it off for their own selfish purpose. And then you bring it home. And hope that Hubby won't raise those eyebrows and will be able to see in it the future metal cupboard that is very, very cool and not the sort of icky, rusted one that it is.

It is wooing him. I will let you know if it gets inside the house or if it is destined to be used at Memory Lane.


I Named Her Marcie

I had to buy her!

But after getting her home, realized she just wasn't going to work out anywhere in the house.

And believe me I tried.

And since she is boxed, I don't want to glitter her in case someone once had something just like it and doesn't like glitter.

Who doesn't like glitter?!

Everyone should like glitter, but I do hear of some who do not.

And this is is why I have a booth and she will be entering it tomorrow morning.


Yes, this is pretty much what does it for me. Finding more little plastic deer to cover in glue and then bathe in glitter. I am always tickled to see old Christmas items showing up at Goodwill this time of year, keep your eyes open for them.

Were these deer actually used at Christmastime or were they used for some other type of display?

And then we have a little plastic shelf sitting snowman that just begged to come home with me after he saw me pick up the 2 deer. Fine, if I must.


Show And Tell

Still going through older photo's on the computer and am not sure if these little gems have had a chance to make an appearance yet...This is a ceramic owl...I hadn't seen anything like him before. He really is cute in an abstract sort of a way.
A set of candle lamps. It will look nice with fall decor.
2 Christmassy plastic bowls and we have been using all the time for snacks.
I am such a sucker for any type of little bowl. These are not the most attractive in color, but we are getting much use out of them, nonetheless.

And a vintage letter holder! I have it sitting in the entryway to use as a misc holder of keys and such, but we haven't quite gotten into that rhythm yet.


Inspiring Blogs: Heather Bullard's Re-purposed Desk

I am huge, huge fan of Heather Bullard...I haunt her site seeing what she is up to and drooling over her photos and ideas.

Awhile back, I spotted her 'Re purposed Desk' and immediately emailed to ask her if I could borrow those photo's on my blog to show anybody who might have missed them the first time around. (Always, ALWAYS ask to use someones photos...Never, NEVER just take them...) My photo's aren't all that, but I can promise you, there will be some shoutin' going on in the event I come across them somewhere else and had no idea...


Heather, the fabulous person she is, said YES! And here they are!

Is this not the COOLEST idea for using an old desk?? When I saw it, I could immediately see where it would look the best on our back patio. And how nice it would be to have that little area set aside for the summer. Don't you just want to go hang out with her? And have a nice glass of iced tea?

It is so far past 'wanting' one, I am now 'needing' one. It may take awhile to find the perfect desk to use, but it will happen.

Thanks Heather, for letting me repost those photos...to read her origional post click HERE


Summer Supper

Well, almost Summer.

We grilled burgers, sauteed whole fresh green beans (not from the garden...YET!) and made berry smoothies to go alongside.



Rewarding Myself With A Nice Glass Of Wine

Completely 100% cleaned out and put away.


Much, much better...

The Basement looking down the stairs Before:

The Basement looking down the stairs After:

Everything found a place inside our home. And the toys that are left will be loaded up into the Explorer tomorrow morning and officially leaving on Sunday to head to Children's Closet...I'll tell you more about that this coming week.

Whew! Now on to the laundry room and craft area over the weekend.

Little Steps.

Table Cleaned Off!

Everything on the table found a home!

Continuing on...

OH! I nearly forgot to show you my 'Easter Display' before it goes away! This was the extent of it...vintage goodies in the big stone bowl on top of the dining room table.

Here I Go

Showered and ready to start my day.

Going into the basement.

Here I go.

If you don't hear from me before the day is over, I might be under a tall pile of Rubbermaid's and can't get out.

Here I go.

Gotta get some coffee...

OK, NOW here I go.

I will take pictures this time. Where is my camera?



Sort of Pathetic

I am doing everything I can possibly do today to NOT have to go deal with my basement.

If you want help with ANYTHING, I am the person to call. As long as it keeps me from going downstairs.

I don't even want to post a photo for you.

It's that bad.

That is one of the downsides of being a thrifter. At some point, you gotta deal with the stuff.


What is Kept and What is Sold

I had a question today in one of the comments left on the last post titled Finders Keepers regarding what I keep and what I sell. Sooner or later, I would guess that maybe 2 out of 5 things that I find get sold. It might take a month for me to move it on or it might take 10 years. I have been trying to buy only things that *I* love and want in my home but know that I have a place to take them (to the booth at Memory Lane) in the event that they don't look right anywhere I put them (or Hubby vetoes it, haha.)

Most of the items that head to the booth are things I am no longer into from years back that I am trying to weed out of my collections but I know other people still are wanting. And you know how I collect the pants off things when I do collect them, so this is where it goes when I am done and out of a phase. Other than that, it is Sister 2's stuff that she is getting rid of and I have picked over.

Looking through my last 25 posts, the only thing that went to the booth was the green recipe holder/binder. And I took that simply because I now have the one that my Mom used to use. In the 25 posts before that, I took the Loft flip flops to the booth because they were too big on me...The vintage cherry red purse because I am now carrying the black Coach bag...And that little glittered Easter house set that I weeded out of my own collection from about 10 years ago.

--I am thinking that the glass holders with the pale blue might go on to the booth because I do not have space for them in an area that makes sense to me right now. Unless Lu gets a hold of them, they would go nicely in her room, maybe as pencil holders or else in some way for her trinkets. If she doesn't want it, they will most definitely go.

--The Pottery Barn triple vases will stay because I LOVE IT!

--The Wine Glasses with the teal stems will be used through the summer and then will decide if I hold on to them or sell...

--The velvet covered furniture will go in the white dollhouse when we bring that back out to display again...

--The Regaline I love, love, love and use all of them, all the time. We put veggies in them, popcorn, chunks of bread, fruit...

--And I have a lot of that green glass here and there through the front living room and the dining room. Usually after I get a lot of something, I can just pick out my favorites and let the rest go on to somebody else.

--As for the vintage cookbooks I have been picking up, I keep until I have had a chance to go through them. If they are remarkable, I keep them on my cookbook shelf. Otherwise, off they go. Most of them are remarkable and I do not want to part with, at least at this time.


Finders Keepers!!

Pottery Barn...Regaline...Glassware...Cookbooks...and Handmade Doll Furniture covered in velvet. I am going to arrange this all on my dresser so I can wake up to it in the morning.

Total cost for everything you see here, you ask? $6

This is so perfect, I don't care if I just leave it how it is. I don't want to fill it with flowers or anything. I am just going to let it 'be'.

I love these clear glass holders or containers that have that magical hint of blue sparkling through.

Wine. Lots and lots of summer wine on the back patio.

I am so addicted to Regaline these days. This one has some scotch tape with the word 'Mildreds' written on it. Hey Mildred! I thrifted your Regaline!!

Vintage cookbooks are better than a new novel.

Green. Glass. Of course I had to purchase it.
And I nearly tinkled when I saw this vintage velvet covered handmade doll furniture.

Insert a VERY contented sigh right here.


Heading Back To Yankton...Yankton...Yankton

We are having an 'Estate Sale' at Mom's old house on Saturday and I am up to my eyeballs in tags. And filling out tags. And trying to remember what is left in the house so I can write out the tags here instead of wasting that time there.

I took pictures of each room to have a visual of the items left in all of them and that helped immensely! So the tags are written out, I have a fresh roll of scotch tape and off we go.

Enjoy the weekend and I will be back in a few days!


Sleep Buddies

Since Bud was born, we have used the term "Sleep Buddies" to refer to the various stuffed animals that he sleeps with.

There is always Pooh Bear. Always. No Matter What.

And we have Rexie, Rudolph, Nemo, Ted and George. In the event we have trouble at bedtime, (if you are a parent, you know what I am talking about) We reserve the right to take these last 5 sleep buddies away as a form of punishment. We don't do it often, but it has been known to happen.

But never Pooh. Pooh Bear is always in bed with him. We are not that evil.

So Bud has been earning each of his Sleep Buddies back due to a particularly rough bedtime last week. Pooh Bear is still the lone Sleep Buddy.

Last night, while tucking him in and listening to his prayers, I sat on something puffy under the comforter.
That would be Nemo.
Bud had used his little chair to get Nemo off the shelf and hide him under the comforter. When I asked if there was anything else in the bed he needed to show me, he brought out a small ceramic squirrel...
And a plastic letter A.

Apparently Sleep Buddies don't need to be stuffed.


Collective Groupings

I am keeping some oil lamps on the table by the front door until it gets nice enough to stick them out on the patio to use at dusk. Won't that be pretty?

I am sure by the time it is actually nice enough outside I will have a couple more to add to the little collection.


It Has Begun

Rummage Sale Season!

It was windy, cold and drizzling, but we headed out nonetheless. Lu and I have been waiting for this day since last Fall!

There were only a few sales that we were going to go to...a prom fundraiser where we found a scarf to accent a shirt for 50 cents...a toy sale where we found chapter books for Lu and a bunch of Weebles and the large houses that they go into for Bud for a total of $5...and then off to an estate sale up the street hosted by a friend of mine who gave me this:

She just gave it to me. Which is always a bit awkward, isn't it? Oh, but the story gets better.

A gorgeous old heavy mirror that a chunk of BROKE OFF IN MY HANDS as we were leaving.

After she told me it was old, old, old.

Given to her by a favorite relative back East. And now being given to me because she wanted me to have it.

Did I mention old?


You know those moments of horror that you want to sink into the ground and pretend it is just a weird dream? Yeah. I was there.

And how am I ever going to be able to glitter it now that I know it's an antique? Although, the glitter would hide the breaks in the wood...