Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back...

I have been going through so many things...doing so well at de-cluttering, donating, weeding things out of my collections to pass on to others.

I even went through my oil lamps that were on the little entry way table! I separated them and put them in little corners through out the house! I even marked one to be sold at Memory Lane! My little oil lamp addiction was slowing down...really, it was!


So I walked into Goodwill this morning...and ummmm...apparently someone donated their entire oil lamp collection...and I ummmmmmm...bought a few. I had told myself I was done! How many oil lamps does one girl need??

There were so many beautiful, lovely vintage oil lamps on the counter...so many of them!

I purchased 5 new little lamps.

I am weak.

The tall, clear one in the back is one that was already on that table...I guess it was lonely? And it sort of needed friends??

But they are so cool!


My Name Is Sonya...I Hoard Christmas Stuff

Found these late last week and stuck them in the pottery bowl we keep on the dining room table. Aren't they lovely? Unbreakable Christmas Ornaments. I love the little plastic hook top on each one...

This afternoon they made their way down to the craft room to be used some way, in some sort of display this Christmas.

And I am finally, finally starting to use some of that vintage wrapping paper that I have been hoarding away. If you want to excite me, hand me a sheet of unused (or even used!) Christmas wrapping paper from the 50's through early 80's. I will radiate excitement!

And then I will tuck it away forever.

Not any more, Baby! I am bringing out that wrapping paper and using it, the way it was meant to be used. In teeny, tiny increments. Just kidding. But I am actually using it!

This is my favorite:

Christmas Item That ALSO Did Not Get Listed On Etsy

Feeling a wee bit selfish. But truly, I am going to be putting some cool Christmas items up for sale.

Just not this one.

How adorable is this little tree? It can be used for little treats or truffles...again sending me back to a simpler time.


What I Did NOT Put On Etsy

I was putting up listings the other day on Etsy and had every intention of listing this...but good intentions don't always have follow-through when it comes to treasures, now does it?

Maybe someday I'll be able to part with it, but right now...I can make some more room on my cookbook shelf!


Candle Holder Glittering Update

I love this color. Seriously love this color!
It makes me want to start writing color as colour. I think I am going to.
I love this colour!

As you can see, I am not nearly done with the glittering, but thought you might like to see how it is going...Kathie keeps telling me I am doing cliffhangers on my Blog! And I couldn't decide what photo I liked best so I put all of them on here. It is just such a lovely colour!

And As A Reward For Decluttering...

Stopped By Here:

Found This:

This has tickled me pink! And the fact it still lights up?! Yesssssssssss!

Candle Holder Glittering

There is a whole lot of stuff getting glittered down in the craft room these days. I do some rearranging and then glitter something. Throw in a load of laundry and then glitter. Go through toys and then glitter some more!

I wish you could see the craft room tables right now. It is sparkly and bright and more than just a wee bit messy. Messy enough that I am not ready to show you in a picture for fear you will think ill of me! But if you close your eyes, just picture 7 different trays with an item on top and different colored glitter on each one. Because I can seem to use the same glitter color...oh no! I need to have 7 different colors going at the same time!

Currently working on:
This candle holder which was scooped up at Goodwill earlier this week. It was dusty as you can tell from the photo so I knew that first of all I would clean it up. After wiping it down, I decided I wasn't really into the gold color, as pretty as it is. And laid it down on my craft table until I decided what route I wanted to take with it.

Welllll...I ended up glittering it! You knew this was coming, right? I picked the most beautiful green-gold color and started gluing and glittering on the flat part that will hold the candle.


It will have to be done in stages so I can be sure it is completely covered...but I can already tell how STUNNING it is going to be. I hope to have it done later today or over the weekend and will post the finished pic's then.


Pier 1 Imports

I love Pier 1...LOVE it!

I love their eclectic look in merchandise, walking through the stores themselves, seeing their flier's arrive in my mailbox.

This catalog of their fall sale came in the mail a couple weeks ago and in my decluttering quest of the past few days, I finally took the time to look through it.

(I would like to take this moment to say that I don't feel I am a busy person. I just tend to stick paperwork in the buffet drawer and walk away from it to enjoy later. And then get freaked out when I have a full drawer. And feel like I need to rip through things instead of sitting down with a lovely magazine or catalog and a cup of tea.)

But I did sit down to enjoy this catalog with a cup of coffee.

And actually laughed out loud at some of these photos! You see, Pier 1 seems to be taking a step back in time and is using the same sort of things that we love as decorating tools! There were tons of owls, a very cool plaid round cooler that they used as a prop, lots of kitsch poking out here and there. I know if I was having a hard time finding my vintage owl decor, that this is where I would be shopping at, hands down. And the store itself is just so enjoyable to look through!

As for magazines, I still subscribe to Country Living but that is about it. The passing of Country Home and ME's Home Companion still make me weep.

What shelter magazines do you love? What catalogs give you tingles when they arrive in the mail?


And The Process Continues

I am checking things off my today list like you would not believe.

--Another drawer was emptied out

--Errands were run

--Items were listed on Etsy

--Another bag was dropped off at Goodwill

And it is still early afternoon!


Thrift Is The New Black

Have you heard this saying yet? It is so very, very true. We are changing peoples minds about thrift stores every single day.

I was blog browsing and catching up with For The Love Of Thrift and laughed out loud when I saw her Sept 20th post with this statement...

And if I make it to New York soon, I am so going to beg to thrift with her as well as Stan!

In the meantime, I am happy to be thrifting here in Sioux City where there seem to be my-kind-of-treasures floating around everywhere and easily scooped up.

Also, my thrifting for Toronto Yard Sale Snoop has come to an end and this package officially made its way out the door and on to Canada as of this morning at 9am. You will have to visit her blog and see what arrives in about 5 to 7 business days!