Home Hair Color Update!

My palms are sweaty and I am having some mild panic attacks. Lu needs her hair colored for the play. Dark Red. Her hair is normally a brownish reddish color. We have colored it before. We have never done this at home before.

I bought Clairol Natural Instincts in Cinnaberry color which is a medium auburn brown.

Anyone done this before? Am I crazy? Should I not do this? Make an appointment at a real salon? Or is it really not that big of a deal?

I am VERY pleased to report that this was SO not a big deal whatsoever! I don't know the last time I was so nervous about doing something...but it was so easy. And the color is a truly gorgeous red...and she LOVES it!


Tomorrow, tomorrow...

As promised, here are some costume pictures. Lu is going to be in a production of Annie and we had to find some clothing, so of course went thrifting!

Four dollars bought everything pictured here except for the pair of boots, which were purchased the night before at Goodwill.

A cardigan sweater for at the orphanage...we were both pleased that she can (and will) wear it again after the play is wrapped. She has a weakness for American Eagle stuff.

This was a woman's long dress that I cut off and then sewed to hem it up. And this was my best sewing! Which is sad.

A gorgeous dress for when she is living at Warbucks...

That just HAPPENED to be a Hanna dress!

And a nice coat that could have come from Bergdorfs...

The red Annie dress is being made for her...but I bet if it would have been around Halloween I could've found it at a Thrift store!


What Is It?

I want to say Napkin Holder...but it is so little!


Oh, Whitman, How I Adore Thee...

I have been really, really good about mindfully purchasing the past few weeks. But I am weak and only human when it comes to Whitman published childrens activity books. So very, very weak...


Vintage Coat Love

Lu is going to be in a play next month and we spent Friday night at Goodwill looking for very specific clothing that she needed for her part. She found nothing. Actually she found a pair of boots for the play, but we needed a lot more than that.

*I* however found THIS:

A Vintage Fantles Department Store Coat With Faux Fur Collar! Here is the front...

And the back...

This coat is so ugly it is FAB-U-LOUS! And it doesn't seem to have ever been worn! I am in love.

The next day I took Lu to a different thrift store that I like to think of as my personal secret clothing store. And they were having a $4 bag sale! And we found every single item she needed within 10 minutes! My favorite part of that shopping experiance was when I said to Lu "We need to find you a coat that will work" and heard a saleswoman say to another saleswoman "Where do you want me to put this coat?"...I turned around, saw the old 20's style pale blue pea coat in Lu's size that she was holding and said over the rack of clothing "WE'LL TAKE IT!"

Ahhh, Mother-Daughter thrifting...


Did I Mention I Am A "Ripper-Outer"?

I don't hoard or keep magazines for very long, but I sure do rip them apart.

I clip recipes...ideas for stuff to make, someday...decorating ideas...articles I love...pictures I love...clothing ideas...the list goes on and on and on.

And then I kind of sort them into piles and put them in these fabulous old wire baskets and put it on my foot rest so when I head upstairs at night to tuck Bud in and Hubby and Lu are trying to beat eachother at a card game, I get cozy on my chair, tuck a blanket around me, put this huge pile of clippings in my lap and look through them.

I love my paper clippings! The clippings I keep in my wire baskets are what I refer to as 'recent clippings' from the past 6 months or so. After about six months of playing with them, they get put into boxes that look like these:

It takes quite a lot of love to make the final cut that goes into those boxes!

Paper clutter can freak me out, but there is something about those wire boxes that just soothe my soul.


Someday I Shall Learn To Sew...

Then maybe all these sewing books and magazines I seemed to have scooped up over the past few years will actually be used.

Or put them on Etsy!

I am also trying to mindfully be aware of my vintage cookbook obsessions (as I know so many of you adore as well!) and have been walking away from many different kinds. These, however, stuck out:

The graphics inside are simply fab!

I am a sucker for Holiday recipe books:

All Meat, All The Time:

And as hard as I try, when I see these hardcover recipe books that hold old newspaper clippings, I can't walk away. It is like I am on a one-woman mission to save a cook's culinary dreams!


Christmas Sphere's

Maybe sphere isn't the right word. But my brain seems to be a bit muddled this morning, so we are going with 'sphere'. Prism shaped? That sounds better. Seriously...this ice storm is starting to get to me.

It isn't always easy to find Christmas thrift during later January, but when you do find it, it has a tendency to be marked down quite nicely. Won't these look fab on a vintage wreath?


Mindfully Purchasing

One of my goals in 2010 was to work on Mindfully Purchasing while I thrift. Too often, far too often, it is easy for me to say "Well, I can just put it in the booth if I decide I don't loooooooove it. And now I am trying to decide whether or not I loooooooooove it while I am shopping.

For Instance...this weekend, I went through all of the children's books. We have a lot. And there were a whole lot that made their way to Memory Lane on Saturday:

And this is only a section of them. I know...I know. I have a hard time saying no to books and we have been collecting them intently for about 12 years now.

So when I stopped by Goodwill yesterday and started browsing the book aisle, I was proud of myself for only picking up 5 books! And then...wait for it...I put 4 of them back! After I had the books in my hand, I realized that I truly only needed one of them. Or wanted one of them, let's be real about this.

One last thing before I head off to tackle some projects today...My Valentine Wreath sold at Memory Lane!

Goodbye, my dear shiny brites! I hope you love your new home!


OH Gratitude, Where ARRRRRRE You?

Doing my extensive research using google and the 45 seconds I have this morning before we do our typical shotgun start to a Monday, The picture of the man is Grace and the woman is Gratitude...I totally had that backwards in my mind!

And since so many of you haven't seen the woman before, I thought I would show you a picture of her:

These pictures are so soothing! Obviously I could use a bit more Grace and Gratitude in my life.


Grace And Gratitude

Do you remember this?

We had the picture of both the man and the woman in our kitchen area when I was growing up. And when Mom got rid of them years ago, I never imagined that I would want them some day.

So when I came across one of them at the thrift store, I snatched that picture up so fast, brought it home and hung it right in our kitchen area.

I know that the woman will find it's way to me at some point.


Pink Christmas Decorations!

My friend Deb who also has a booth at Memory Lane, gave me a wonderful box of yummies for Christmas:

And today they are going to become the base of a Valentine's Day Wreath! I wanted to let you know in case you don't hear from me the rest of the week...you'll know I am becoming one again with my hot glue gun. (Actually, I should be able to show you the finished product later today, so be watching for an update!)


It's A Beautiful Cold...

The pictures I took do not do it a bit of justice, but yesterday morning we woke up to a winter wonderland throughout the tree's due to the plummeting temperatures during the night. Everything was completely white:


January Glitter

I've been re-organizing the Studio and realized there were a few finished projects that I still needed to show you! These were all done before Christmas, except for the 'Night Before Christmas Box'...this was glittered this morning:

A very sparkly candelabra:

A glittered electric candle:

And a clock that plays a different Christmas carol on the hour:

It had a yucky green frame to it that sort of reminded me of the early nineties so I of course immediately thought to sparkle it:

There is glitter EVERYWHERE in that room and terribly thick on the rug I keep in there as well. But it looks festive!


Attitude (Also Called "How I Caused a Scene At The Shipping Store")

(Cue the dramatic music...)

I had a bit of an issue with the girl at the shipping store yesterday afternoon. I don't know why I kept trying that store. I've only been there a handful of times, but have now learned my lesson.

It seemed so simple.

I wanted to buy a box.

They sell them.

She had some attitude from the get go...then I had some attitude...then she raised her eyebrows and added a little sarcasm to her voice as she told me "I GAVE you the right BOX for the ITEM!"...to which I asked for a smaller box...to which she turned to the person behind her and rolled her eyes...to which I told her I was not going to be shipping from after all. This girl is giving me attitude for bringing something into her store to ship, when that is what they do?? Seriously? Spectacular customer service.

(And then gathered up all my shipping supplies, bubble wrap, tape, invoice, the item and Bud and stalked out the door)

There are other places to ship my items. I cannot ever imagine stepping into this store again.

I must be getting older and cranky. Was it just me? Is customer service being flung by the wayside?


Where Did All The Fruitcake Go?!

Here is a post from last year about this time:


I can't be the only one who always thinks of the lyrics in the Angela Lansbury song "We Need A Little Christmas" from "Mame" whenever I think of fruitcake.

I may be the only one who actually likes a nice slice, however. I always have from the time I was a wee one and my Great Aunt Ruth always sent one along with a fruit basket and those assorted Hickory Farm cheese and meat packs for our family Christmas present. Never cared for the odd shaped cheeses in those packs, but OH! Those circular tins of fruitcake!

Typically, I don't seek fruitcake out until the week after the holidays end. It's not even thought of! Which is funny, but I guess there are so many other good things to eat in the weeks leading up. So it is afterwards that I make a trip to the Christmas treat aisle where I drool over the 50% off good truffles and then find the best fruitcake that is left. SO yummy with a cup of hot tea in the afternoon and just a small amount does the trick to satisfy a sweet tooth.

The reason I am re-posting it? To savor the taste of the fruitcake of last year. I went searching for my fruitcake this past week...and they are gone. All Gone! There is not a fruitcake to be found in Sioux City. So I am just going to try to remember how good it tasted last year. And next year, I won't wait. Another lesson learned. Sigh.


I Bought A Book

And I absolutely regret it. Not only did I not THRIFT it, but I spent $20 on it at Barnes and Noble. It was not even in the clearance section.

It is a decluttering book and I have been eyeing it for several months now. I love me a good decluttering book. But this one? Notsomuch. Instead of telling me why I should get rid of things I don't want/need/love, it took me step by step through HER house and stuff SHE was getting rid of and was not at all inspiring me to do any more purging along the way. Simply because she was hanging on to some odd stuff for no apparent reason other than it cost a lot of money or her kids once played a steel drum and who knows when one is going to be inspired to play a steel drum again? I am sure it was therapeutic for her to write the book, but truly? Why did I have to spend $20 good dollars on it? I am so going to be passing this book on to Goodwill and just chalking it up to another lesson learned.

If you are looking for a FABULOUS decluttering book, the very best one I have ever, EVER come across is this one:

I proudly own this book (I used to borrow it from the library every few months and then came across it at Goodwill last year!) and every single time I look at it, it helps me to clear out things that are no longer useful in my life. She is the one who gave me permission to throw out massive papers and pictures from high school as well as my yearbooks. I think of her and that book several times a week, it is that good. I wish I would have bought 2 more of her books and done a giveaway on the blog with them instead of buying that other book.

Again, live and learn, right?


Before We Get Too Far Away From Christmas...

I need to show you my wonderful Neighbor Lady's treasures! A few weeks ago, we were at her home for a Christmas Tea and after I spent a rawther long time ogling all of her holiday decor, she graciously let me come back yesterday with my camera before she put her decorations away for the year. I told her that you would appreciate it as much as I did.

She had little vignette's everywhere throughout the house:

Elves on the staircase:

More little vignette's:

Everywhere you looked, there were Christmas treasures! This little postcard was tucked in the antique grandfather clock:

She loves old Christmas cards and this one especially tickled me:

All along the walls, there are framed Christmas art:

Love those trees made from vintage jewelry:

A take off the mouse in "Twas The Night Before Christmas":

I wanted to rip this one off her wall and run out the door with it. I behaved. It's not a very great pic I took, but the sandman is putting the little guy to sleep right before Santa comes:

Handmade treasures were everywhere:

I have this deer, too! I am loving those dream pets and would love to collect more:

A old stocking:

More Christmas treasures:

And her tree was filled to the brim with wonderful old shiny brites and ornaments like these:

A Christmas Angel:

And years ago, a student made this Santa card holder for her that still gets used every single year. What a great treasure:

She said many of the decorations were from when they were first married and she told of fabulous auctions she has been to over the years where she would pick up these treasures for pennies. She didn't think that the younger generation liked these kind of decorations, but I assured her that there are many, MANY of us out there who do.
Aren't they just drool-worthy?!