The Kitsch Sucks Me In

How cute is this little guy?! He was part of a rawther large Easter collection that has made its way to Goodwill.

These were on the shelf right by him. Not sure what to do with them yet, but I like 'em.

Swanky swigs are coming at me left and right these days. This one is very chic with the black circles on clear glass...

Very content with the finds!


Deja Vu Thrifting

There are certain items that when I come across while thrifting, if the price is pretty good, I can guarantee that they will be coming home with me.

Case in point:
Old pipe cleaners...I have been coming across these a lot the past few months and am getting a nice little collection of them. They will be used for crafts. I was pleasantly surprised to see them for a quarter.

And what could be in this bag??

Fisher Price Little People and some accessories! I hoard them. I am not all that ashamed to admit it. It isn't even about the kids playing with them. I want them and that is all that matters whenever I see them. They are just so happy looking! The cool items on the right belong with the hospital set I came across last year that was missing a couple pieces, so this will fill it in quite nicely.

Is there something you are still thrifting even though you know you don't really need it but want it nonetheless?


Lazy Days Of Summer

Be Back Soon!


Can Almost Taste The Veggies

I am amazed at how much the garden has grown since planting it...although the weather has been more like August than June. Another week or two and those cukes will be ready to pick!


Fun Jewelry Creating

What a great feeling...wandering Hobby Lobby and getting a total jewelry fix for less than $5. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

Lu needed a quick Birthday gift for a girlfriend...How cute did this turn out!? We used one of the little frames and printed out her girlfriends initial, so quick and easy! Then I attached it to one of those fabulous ball chains we love using.

I am wanting to run back to Hobby Lobby and purchase every.single.one of these packages for future projects.


Yard Sale Tips

Well, the yard sale has come and gone. The skies cleared up literally minutes before 8:00 and we were able to set up...whew! Sold some stuff, made a little money and took the leftovers to Goodwill. Success!

My one no-fail tip is to price everything a dollar or more...it is a gift to not deal with quarters, nickels and dimes.

Have you hosted a yard sale before? Was it good? A nightmare?

Do you have any tried and true tips?


Much Cheaper Than A Trip To Barnes And Noble

I had some time to browse the book shelves at Goodwill this morning and this is what I walked away with:

A few of these will be saved for vacation reading while a couple will be used as gifts!


The Book Of Awesome!

Between storms and battling a virus (that seems to be winning) for most of this week, I have been reading.

Lu and I had checked out tons of books from the library a week ago and since we have been home-bound for days, have been zipping through them quite regularly! This was my absolute favorite read and thought I'd pass it along if you are looking for light reading at some point over the summer. Or at least visit the website!

Going to lay low the rest of the weekend and will be off and thrifting again next week. Let me know if you find something cool!



We woke up about 2:30 this morning to LOUD winds...so loud I could almost envision myself on the Weather Channel explaining that the "Winds sounded like a freight train hitting the house!"

Looking around the neighborhood this morning:

Down the street...

Further down the street...

Here is our backyard playset and the tree that is "hiding" it until the tree guys come later...

The branch landed inches from the garden, which is very matted looking this afternoon. We shall see if it perks up.

Do you have this kind of weather where you live?


I Went Somewhere And Bought Some Things

I went to THAT PLACE over the weekend and thought you might like to see what 'treasures' came home!

I loved me some Spaghettios back in the day...Who knew Corelle made a plate to celebrate the 25th anniversary of them?

These little tiny trinkets caught me eye. They will both be used as necklaces.

Loved this bowl!

It's for her.



June 2nd...Glittering...listening to Christmas music...too chilly to take the kiddos to the pool!

So I am confusing them with out-of-season crafting.


The Booth Of Years Gone By...

(My First Booth, May 2009)

We moved out of that space late last fall and into another area at Memory Lane...
(Booth circa Dec 2009)

I am actually wanting to buy stuff out of that old first booth! I saw the pic I snapped last Spring and some of those treasures still make me tingle.

Lu and I cleared out of Booth #316 at Memory Lane yesterday and I am left with 5 Rubbermaid's, 2 bags for Goodwill and a few things that will be passed on to friends.

I am going to miss it and will surely have one again towards fall. The best part was having a continuous outlet for treasures to pass on. But during the summer months, I am so much more focused on having the kiddos home and the booth does not get the attention that it should.

Have you had a booth yet?