He's Got The Whole World...

Do you find a lot of globes when you are thrifting? I see them in phases here...

When I came across this one, I scooped it up. Bud has been very interested in geography and areas of the world since our vacation and this is definitely something we are looking at daily right now. I am sure it will continue to get used often.

And for a dollar? Can't walk past that.


Christmas Back In 1967

Whenever I come across old magazines, I am so grateful for the people who had the insight to hold on to them and not recycle.
This is going to give us some fabulous ideas for creating!


Obsessions With Glass

Oh La La! A fabulous square of glass platter with gorgeous gold scroll work. This will be lovely at Christmas time for serving yummy munchies. I am seeing brie in my future!


Swanky Swig Finds

I am officially obsessed. I can't stop buying these.


Conversations With Bud (and the rest of the family)

Bud: You know Luke Skywalker? Who is the guy who played him in real life?

Sonya: Scott Hamilton!

Hubby: Ummmmmm...No...It was Mark Hamill ...It wasn't Star Wars on ice...

Sonya: Yeah! I meant to say Mark Hamill!

Lu: That guy always bugged me

Sonya: Scott?

Lu: No, Luke! He was no Han Solo.

Can't argue with you there.


Paper and Glue

Remember that pill box I picked up a month or so ago?

I thought you would get a kick out of seeing what I ended up putting on it:

I used one of the vintage old maid cards (thrifted from that 'secret' place months ago) and cut out the little Dr bag to glue on his white coat.

He sorta looks like Santa, doesn't he?


Home again, Home again jiggedy jig!

The landscape in the Black Hills/Badlands is just stunning...these last photos simply do not do it justice.

My favorite hotel that we stayed at was The Lodge outside of Deadwood...so new, so beautiful, from the rooms to the restaurant to the cool pool play area for the kids:

The champagne chicken was un-be-lieve-waitforit-ble. And the tomato salad was delish!

Oh my love, an umbrella clothesline! I have wanted one of these for years. Seriously...years. Hubby has now gotten in to the habit of pointing them out to tease me. So I take photos of them to tease him into getting me one!

Looks like someone has been busy soldering! These were found at the Mt Rushmore gift shop...so cute!

And as wonderful as it is to go on vacation, it is just as wonderful to be home again and back into our normal routine.

Have you been out to the Black Hills? This was Bud's first trip out and he loved it. Do you have a must see tourist destination out there?


Taking Me To My Happy Place

Do you remember when I found the Nativity Whitman book last fall and was having a difficult time even thinking about taking it apart? Well, now I can actually do it!

Even though it still makes me break into nervous giggling.

Not the Christmas Village, of course. I only have one of those...so far.


Come Thrift With Me!

Friday was decadent. The kids were having a blast with their Grandma and I was planning my day of doing some intense thrifting. Join me!

First things first...I need my coffee and then we can check out the ads:

There is a sale over on the West side...the ad is a bit nondescript, but that sometimes means there will be some cool stuff:

Can you believe all the stuff we found there?

Now lets stop by a thrift store that I don't frequent very often due to their silly higher prices on items that should be given away due to their condition. Just saying. But I am heading over towards Morningside and it is on my way so lets just do a quicky walk through:

Ok, that is pretty cool! We could do something with that around Easter!

Now, there is an estate sale that has been going on since Wednesday but I haven't had a chance to stop...let's see what they have:

Getting hungry? Lets call some Girlfriends and see if they want to meet us for some Thai food down on 7th street.

I can't believe I haven't had spring rolls before! Next time I want to just order this as my meal!

Yummy lunch, good conversation...why don't we head over to this sale now:

I can't believe all the treasures we found today! Let's do this again soon! We did well finding fun yummies and not having any fist fights over anything.
That clock is mine, however.